Date Day/Night

First, Joe Drawsomethinged me an image of pancakes. And then I yelled, “Let’s go get pancakes!”

Friends, riddle me this: How many times does a girl have to eat the perfect three bites out of the center of a delicious buttermilk pancake to learn that even those three mouth-watering, delectable bites will probably send her on emergent trips to the restroom a scant few hours later while the Target pharmacist is trying to talk to her about getting all her meds to auto-refill on the same day of the month? I eat Paleo for a reason. And yet. Every. Single. Time.

Here’s what I love about this picture:

1. I haven’t yet eaten 3 bites of a pancake that are going to make me ill.
2. Joe’s hair. I mean, really.

Here are our shoes while we wait for a table.

I assure you, Joe does have another shoe attached to another leg just to the right, off frame.

And then, and I know this is really exciting for you all, I changed shoes a few hours later and put on these before we went out with friends:

You guys, I love these shoes. I really, really, do. They are orange. They are cork. My husband says they are sexy. Most importantly, I can walk in them and not fall down.

Also, they match the beautiful orange scarf I received while at Alt Summit from Jeannine Harvey direct from FashionABLE that is so near and dear to my heart. It’s a WinWinWinWinWin. 5 wins. Five.

The evening ended at Top of the Hyatt with friends where we imbibed cocktails and talked for hours and stared at the view. I love being able to see Emerald Plaza from up there (green rings far right in the image below).

3 Replies to “Date Day/Night”

  1. Delurking after YEARS, because ohmygodyes! No matter how much I know (KNOW!) that non-paleo foods leave me certain I’ve poisoned myself a few hours later, that siren call of gluten and really good cheese will get me.

  2. Really GOOD CHEESE! Jodie, you’ve named my other vice. I had to literally slap my own hand in Whole Foods away from a Cowgirl cheese wheel today. Thank you, me, for saving myself pain tonight. I think. Right? Right.

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