I worked with Diablo Cody/Brook Busey, head writer and producer of United States of Tara, and she said,

“Leah Peterson never stops creating. She’s a quintuple threat: writer, artist, consultant, mother, and all-around rock star. She’s proof that inspiration is contagious; just being around her makes me feel like I want to do more and be more.”

I worked with Brett Baer, writer and executive producer of United States of Tara and he said,

“Leah’s been our biggest asset at The United States of Tara. As a consultant, her open and honest answers to our never-ending onslaught of intrusive and far too personal questions have proven immeasurably invaluable. We’re lucky to have Leah’s innate ability to explain even the most complicated psychological dynamics with clarity and a healthy dose of humor.”

I worked with Lisa Stone, Blogher founder, and she said,

“Flawed + authentic = irresistible spirit! Leahpeah brings true warmth to her great stories, written and told.”

I worked with Derek Powazek, editor and publisher of Fray, and he said,

“Leah is a triple-threat: hugely creative, whip smart, and intensely driven. Every project we’ve worked on together has been made better by having her in it. If she wants to lend a hand, say yes.”

I worked with Susan Myrland and she said,

“Leah’s art is like Leah herself — honest and authentic to the core. She explores territory and techniques fearlessly, using art to reach into overlooked spaces and ask questions. She uncovers ideas that were hovering around the edges of our minds, but we didn’t have the insight or courage to tread there. Leah leads the way, telling us that it’s OK to explore these spaces, and that we must.”

I worked with Rob Morhaim, Executive Producer of and he said,

“I’ve appeared on many panels in my career, and can honestly say that I’ve never seen a better prepared moderated than Leah Peterson. Leah asked insightful, thought-provoking questions and kept the discussion focused and on-track.”

I worked with Natalie Zee Drieu, editor in chief at Craftzine, and she said,

“Leah Peterson has real talent and a passion for crafting that comes through in her project writing and various speaking engagements. I’ve had the pleasure of being on her craft panel at Blog Her and found her to be a great moderator — organized and insightful in her questions. It was because of her that our panel gelled together so well as a little community. In her project writing for CRAFT, I’ve found them not only impeccably written but beautifully crafted as well. She understands the crafting audience and has a way of bringing her fun personality into her writing that is truly unique.”

I worked with Karen Walrond, author of Chookooloonks, and she said,

“Leah Peterson’s warmth, intelligence and incisive humour makes watching one of her interviews a real joy. She’s witty without being condescending, and probing without being prying. I love watching her speak, and working with her has always been a delight. Would that more interviewers and speakers had her style and charisma!”

I worked with Isabel Kallman, Alphamom founder, and she said,

“Leah was a wonderful producer of a video interview series entitled Keyboard Confidential. She was organized and prepared for her interviews and then was a first take Sally on camera. On-camera interviews are tough and Leah was a natural. More importantly she made the subjects feel comfortable and was able to bring the best out of them on camera.”