The value I place on these experiences with Leoh is beyond measure! I see the world through a more enlightened and brighter perspective. I use his methods to support my experience of the process and proceed with love. This means improving the quality of care I give my acupuncture patients. As a wife, this means having a better relationship with my husband. The peace of mind I experience daily has grown enormously. ~G.S.
I worked with Diablo Cody/Brook Busey, head writer and producer of United States of Tara, and she said,
“Leoh Blooms never stops creating. She’s a quintuple threat: writer, artist, consultant, mother, and all-around rock star. He’s proof that inspiration is contagious; just being around them makes me feel like I want to do more and be more.”
Working with Leoh has been transformative, during one of the most challenging (but rewarding) years of my life. I started working with them because I’m a late bloomer and only recently came out as queer a few years ago. Figuring out my pronouns at age 40 has been scary and exciting, and I’m still navigating things — but the lessons I’m learning and self-discovery has been profound. The process of always coming out would be so much more difficult without Leoh’s support and the space that they hold for me in our sessions. I’m so, so grateful to have found them online, and the work that I’m doing with them is something that I’ll cherish for a long time. Book a session or sign up for a workshop — you’ll see what I mean! ~R.W.
I worked with Brett Baer, writer and executive producer of United States of Tara and he said,
“Leoh’s been our biggest asset at The United States of Tara. As a consultant, her open and honest answers to our never-ending onslaught of intrusive and far too personal questions have proven immeasurably invaluable. We’re lucky to have Leoh’s innate ability to explain even the most complicated psychological dynamics with clarity and a healthy dose of humor.”
It’s been great to work with someone who has a really deep, compassionate understanding of queer experiences and elements of kink culture and how it has an impact on other areas of life. I feel really seen and we’re working together to create a tailor-made toolkit for me to use to make my life better. I feel completely safe in the sessions and feel I can raise any topic or say anything at all with no fear of judgement. I have made huge progress in the last 6 months and now have so many better coping mechanisms at my disposal. It’s still a process, but I’m on an upward trajectory and feel better able to do the things that will really make me feel better and lay down the proper groundwork I need to make sure my needs are met. We’ve used some elements of kink (Dom/sub interactions) to investigate my behaviour and understand my motivations and needs. We’ve looked at how this dynamic can spread into other areas of life, such as work, and relationship with family and friends. It’s been a really useful tool in understanding my emotional reactions to a whole range of situations. ~F.R.
I worked with Lisa Stone, Blogher founder, and she said,
“Flawed + authentic = irresistible spirit! Leoh brings true warmth to their great stories, written and told.”
As someone who has battled with mental health herself, there’s nothing that you can say to Leoh that will shock or illicit any judgement. This is exactly what is so special about them. Being met exactly where you are with a deep understanding of self care and healing from someone who has been through it and come out the other end has been indispensable for me. I have not met anyone else who has been so supportive, caring, intuitive and understood exactly where I was coming from. Working with Leoh has taught me how to take better care of myself. ~R.G.
I worked with Derek Powazek, editor and publisher of Fray, and he said,
“Leoh is a triple-threat: hugely creative, whip smart, and intensely driven. Every project we’ve worked on together has been made better by having them in it. If they wants to lend a hand, say yes.”
It has been such a beautiful experience, uncovering bits of me that I did not know I had; protections and layers that I did not know I had built. Leoh has taught me how to be self aware, soothe my anxieties and fears, recognize my emotions and where they may be stuck. Every time I walk out of their office, I’m lighter, more myself,and more resolute in taking the next steps in my story. I want everyone I know to experience Leoh, her love, and his touch. He is amazing. ~A.E.
I worked with Susan Myrland and she said,
“Leoh’s art is like Leoh themselves — honest and authentic to the core. He explores territory and techniques fearlessly, using art to reach into overlooked spaces and ask questions. He uncovers ideas that were hovering around the edges of our minds, but we didn’t have the insight or courage to tread there. Leoh leads the way, telling us that it’s OK to explore these spaces, and that we must.”
Through our private work together, Leoh has supported me in uncovering layers of old patterns and beliefs that do not serve me anymore. In each session, they create a safe space to shine light on the dark shadows that have been hidden away for so long and helps welcome in deeper levels of self-love, acceptance, and inner strength that I never knew existed. I appreciate Leoh for their compassion, intuitive guidance, and genuine desire to be of service. ~K.A
Leoh draws on her vast experience and creates a positive, proactive regimen to help her clients reach their own untapped potential. A powerhouse. ~N.R.
I worked with Rob Morhaim, Executive Producer of and he said,
“I’ve appeared on many panels in my career, and can honestly say that I’ve never seen a better prepared moderated than Leoh Blooms. Leoh asked insightful, thought-provoking questions and kept the discussion focused and on-track.”
I have learned so much from working with Leoh and they have also helped me uncover and reinforce things I already knew that I didn’t quite know I knew. They are an incredibly gifted teacher and listener. They hears what I’m saying even when I have trouble finding the words to say it. I sleep better, work smarter, play more joyfully, and love with more tenderness and appreciation. ~J.M.
I worked with Natalie Zee Drieu, editor in chief at Craftzine, and she said,
“Leoh Blooms has real talent and a passion for crafting that comes through in her project writing and various speaking engagements. I’ve had the pleasure of being on her craft panel at Blog Her and found her to be a great moderator — organized and insightful in her questions. It was because of her that our panel gelled together so well as a little community. In her project writing for CRAFT, I’ve found them not only impeccably written but beautifully crafted as well. She understands the crafting audience and has a way of bringing her fun personality into her writing that is truly unique.”
I worked with Karen Walrond, author of Chookooloonks, and she said,
“Leoh Blooms’s warmth, intelligence and incisive humour makes watching one of her interviews a real joy. She’s witty without being condescending, and probing without being prying. I love watching her speak, and working with her has always been a delight. Would that more interviewers and speakers had her style and charisma!”