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Note: Finding the Write Words (Writing Cohort) has moved to Substack! Please join us there. Community workshops are held virtually over Zoom unless otherwise noted. Click the “INFO/BUY now” links for more info and to register for each workshop.

It Starts With You

Workshop series focused on bite-sized self-care, community-care, and relationships.

Jan 18 It Starts With You: Find What You Want In Relationships 5pm Pac.
March 7 Repair – Putting yourself back together after shattering. 5pm Pac INFO/BUY here
April TBD RCI – Relationship Check-In – In it to win it! 5pm Pac (On sale starting Feb. 15th!)
May TBD I Am Feeling___AND what else? 5pm Pac (On sale starting Mar. 15th!)(Gratitude)
June TBD Equilibrium Magic – Spells, Prayers, and Ritual 5pm Pac (On sale starting Apr. 15th!)
July TBD Reclaiming Yourself – Unraveling Cult Thinking 5pm Pac (On sale starting May 15th!)

Get Your Kinks Out

Workshop series focused on kink as a healing art, self-kink, and power dynamics. (There’s also a newsletter just for kink!)

Jan 27 Get Your Kinks Out: Solo Kink, Play With Yourself 11am Pac
March 23 Get Your Kinks Out: Planning Kink Scenes: A cheat sheet 11am Pac INFO/BUY here
April TBD Kink Ethics – Do Unto Others (Consent) 11am Pac (On sale starting Feb. 15th!)
May TBD Claim Your Power – Get what you want out of power dynamics 11am Pac (On sale starting Mar. 15th!)
June TBDHey bb – Be Your Own Daddy 11am Pac (On sale starting Apr. 15th!)
July TBD Modifications – Kink and Chronic Pain/Illness 11am Pac (On sale starting May 15th!)