I offer intimate, targeted, and customizable healing workshops for 6-20 attendees. I’m a reiki master, healing practitioner, and a health & wellness mentor. I teach practical self-care, self-love, and acceptance in order to thrive.

My approach is lots of personal interactions, self-exploration, and connection. There’s usually some hands-on activities, handouts, and further reading for anyone wanting to go deeper.

Each workshop is built with blocks. Each block is 2-4 hours. Together we can figure out what subjects support each other and mix and match blocks. Your workshop could be one single evening for 2 hours, or a 2-day weekend workshop comprised of 6-8 hour days, or anything in between. Each person attending the workshop will pay a flat price of $50 per hour. The minimum for a workshop is $600 + expenses listed below (6 peeps X $50 X 2hrs = $600).

Choose or mix and match from these subjects I’m passionate about:

Sex & Intimacy
Practical Self-care
Using Art for Healing
Being Highly Sensitive
Personality Exploration
Reiki and Other Healing Modalities
Reiki Attunements
Trauma Release & Emotional Processing
Using Kink for Healing
Safe(r) Kink

Or, pick one of these already planned workshops where each additional block builds on the previous ones:

Gender, Sex, & Intimacy

  • 2 hour block (Exploring G,S,& I intro, True Intimacy)
  • 4 hour block (+ Embracing Your Real Self)
  • 2 4-hour blocks (+ Writing Exercises, Personality Exploration)
  • 4 4-hour blocks (+ Strategies for Family, Implementing Daily Practice)

Practical Self-Care

  • 2 hour block (Self-care intro, Emotional Processing Strategies)
  • 4 hour block (+ Mind/Body Connection)
  • 2 4-hour blocks (+ Daily Practice)
  • 4 4-hour blocks (+ 2 Self-care activities)

Using Art for Healing

  • 2 hour block (Healing Arts Intro, 1 Hands-on Activity)
  • 4 hour block (1-2 Hands-on Activities + Daily Practice Intro)
  • 2 4-hour blocks (1-3 Hands-on Activities + Emotional Processing)
  • 4 4-hour blocks (1-4 Hands-on Activities + Writing exercises, Partner work)

Being Highly Sensitive

  • 2 hour block (HSP intro)
  • 4 hour block (+ Thriving Strategies, Personality Crossover)
  • 2 4-hour blocks (+ Self-Care Strategies + Daily Practice)
  • 4 4-hour blocks (+ Relationships, Work/Vocations, Chronic Illness)

Personality Exploration

  • 2 hour block (Love languages, Enneagram)
  • 4 hour block (+ HSP, Relationships)
  • 2 4-hour blocks (+ Work/Vocations, Daily Practice)

Self-Healing with Reiki

  • 4 hour block (Reiki Intro, Body/Mind Connection)
  • 2 4-hour blocks (+ Chronic Illness, Daily Self-Practice)

Reiki Attunements

  • 2 4-hour blocks (Reiki 1)
  • 2 4-hour blocks (Reiki 2)

Using Kink for Healing

  • 4 hour block (Kink Intro, Safe(r) Kink, Aftercare, Limiting Beliefs)
  • 2 4-hour blocks (+ Kink Spreadsheet, Kink as Self-care + Self-Kinking)
  • 4 4-hour blocks (+ Trauma Release & Emotional Processing)

Safe(r) Kink

  • 2 hour block (Kink Intro, Safe(r) Kink, Aftercare)
  • 4 hour block (+ Kink Spreadsheet)
  • 2 4-hour blocks (+ Creating a Kink Scene)
  • 4 4-hour blocks (+ Implements and Play, In Case of Emergency)

Requirements for bringing me to your city for a workshop:

I need a place to stay. Do you have a private guest room or know someone who does? Access to a kitchen is always nice. I’m not allergic to pets and probably yours will love me because they benefit from the reiki-love I imbue spaces with as I stay there and connect with their humans.

We need people to attend the workshop. Minimum head count of 6 applies to make it cost-effective. I’ll help you spread the word on Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, and in my newsletters.

We need space to hold the workshop. If it’s a 2-hour workshop with the minimum of 6 attendees, you might have a big enough living room or know someone who does. If it’s a 2-day workshop of the maximum 20 attendees, we’ll need a large room with access to bathrooms.

My expenses need to be covered. Buy my flights. I need an assigned window seat and flight times that are reasonable. (I will never fly Spirit airlines again but all others are pretty equal, with Alaska Airlines having a slight edge on the rest because I’m a member.) Pick me up from the airport or pay for my Lyft to where I’m staying. You can always put me up in a safe hotel if there’s no extra room at home.

Here’s what I know: My prices are reasonable and the healing that happens is priceless. At the close of each workshop, I’m overcome with gratitude for the time I’ve had with that particular group of people and that never gets old. I’m so joyful that I get to do what I do for a living. Connecting with others and helping them heal and discover themselves is everything to me.

My Ideal Scenario:

I spend about a week in a city. I hold a workshop or two. I have a few clients lined up for healing modality sessions and somewhere to do them. I meet new friends and hear stories about love and relationships, maybe take photos of them for my queer coffee table book project, do a couple of nude photoshoots for future paintings, have a couple of art dates with other creative people in their studios or homes, walk around the city, see some nature or local sights, eat (and sometimes get to cook) nourishing food, have good drinks, and make deep connections with others where we both leave the interaction feeling better than when we came.

Are you feeling drawn to working with me? Please reach out.