Work with Me

Hi there, cutie. I’m so glad you found me! Are you feeling overextended, gloomy or fuzzed out, in over your head, like you’re treading water, or in a pickle? I help by creating a learning container where you can feel safe, instead of feeling like you need to hide or escape from your life.

Go ahead and click the Start Here button! There is no wrong or better way to work with me. Some people want and need lots of interactions with me in a day to stay on track and some folks need less of my one-on-one attention. I like to think about it like plants. Some flowers like Begonias or Peonies have more simple needs than a Maidenhair Fern or a Weeping Fig. You are all gorgeous and I’m proud and honored to provide whatever level of nurturing is desired and needed. You can read through my CURRICULA here.

If you do better absorbing information via images or graphs, try here to see everything SIDE BY SIDE .