I’ll Meet You Where You Are

Hello, love. I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve spent over a decade creating these study units just for you. I’ve grouped together ideas and put them in order so you can understand yourself better, each concept building on the last. I’ve seen so much growth happen when my clients learn this way and I want that for you, too. Wherever you are on the map, I’ll meet you there. Whether you’re more likely to blossom with your day bookended with my face, my voice, and my encouragement, or you’d be more comfortable with less contact and you have a lot of self-drive to carry you through most days, there’s a support level that’s just right for you.

Each curriculum is built as a 3-month unit. If you’re not sure what you kind of support you need, this might help you find out.


You are here –> You’ve learned more about yourself and you’re starting to feel like you want/need to make some changes for how you’re living and how you present yourself in order to get closer to your True Self. Maybe happiness has eluded you or you’ve felt out of place for years. Maybe you feel like you’ve been living in a sweater a few sizes to small and you’d love to take it off. You might be feeling puled in directions you’re unfamiliar with and want a guide for how to proceed. Or maybe you love someone who is feeling those ways and you’d love to be able to support them better.

This can be such a tender, yet exciting time, love. I’m so honored to walk this path with you. I’ll help you see how to stop hiding and get free.

Curriculum Topics:Gender is a construct, chrononormativity, identified patient and the link to mental health, dysmorphia & dysphoria, attachment styles, break all the rules, where/how to go deeper with your gender, problem solving, the what/when/how/who of it all, finding the words

Focus on Trauma Release
You are here –> You are pursuing a journey to understand and honor your body. Maybe you want to look inward to gain a clearer sense of yourself, but it’s hard to find embodiment and you want to know why. Possibly, you feel stuck in a cycle where your physical pain causes emotional distress, and your emotional distress inhibits your physical healing. Car accidents, depression, cancer, poverty, chronic illness, sexual assault — these are just some of the things we experience. If we don’t process and heal, we may hold the trauma within us indefinitely. I don’t believe the body keeps score, but it certainly remembers.

Let’s work together to examine what pain actually is and develop tools for you to help yourself work with your body instead of fight against it. Love, your body is beautiful and it’s also the only one you’ve got.

Curriculum Topics:chronic pain, somatic & embodied movement, toning, body & mind, working with what exists, ableism and bypassing, creativity, loving your whole self, parts work, community care

Kink 101
You are here –> You want to explore kink and don’t know where to begin. You’ve had great prior experiences, not-so-great ones, or none at all (or a mix!). That’s most of us. You’re a Top. You’re a bottom. You’re a switch. That’s most of us too. You know what you like to give and receive. Or maybe you have no idea about any of that. You want to know and trust yourself before you trust someone else.

Spend a few months with me learning the what, why, and how of kink. I’ll help you get the tools you need to better understand who you are, what you need, and when it might feel right for you.

Curriculum Topics:what is kink and what’s it for, history of kink, separating sex & kink, recognizing power dynamics, pain response and self-harm, safe(r) kink, implements and toys, using D/s energy, Top/bottom/switch, attachment styles in kink, FFFF in kink & shame response, safe(r) pick-up play, scene basics, intro to be your own Daddy

Kink & D/s
You are here –> You’ve got a working understanding of kink, your own boundaries, and consent (whether you learned it with me or on your own). Now you want to take it a step further and see kink through the lens of a D/s power dynamic. Can I tell you a secret, love? Everything is power dynamics. Every relationship in our lives. If kink is “what” you choose to do, then D/s dynamics are “how” it can be done.

Intentional D/s dynamics can be evocative, powerful, and incredibly fulfilling. Just like with kink play, if it’s not done carefully and intentionally, it can cause unintended harm. I want you to know what you’re consenting to when you give or take power in an exchange with someone. Let’s identify what a responsible Dom or sub looks like, what a safe versus unsafe dynamic looks like. Let’s figure out what kind of dynamic you specifically want so you can give/receive what you want on purpose and avoid physical and emotional damage.

Curriculum Topics:What makes you tick, target areas of your life that need support, trap of the past creating the present, change how your brain works, work around for triggers, intentionality can change your life, parasympathetic nervous system and boundaries, learning to observe, self-intimacy, True consent, relationships 24/7, rupture and repair

You are here –> You want to explore your inclinations for submissiveness and learn how to find safe kink partners. Or, you’re a dominant person who wants to better understand the vulnerability of submission, and/or maybe explore what it might feel like for you to submit. Or, maybe you’re a bit of both and want to play with and nurture your switchy curiosities.

How do you like to care and be cared for before in vulnerable moments? How do you like to repair after a rupture in relationship with others? What about in the relationship with yourself? Do you know how to ask for what you need? In order to build and experience a kink scene you can feel empowered in, you have to first know these answers yourself. Let’s ask the questions together. C’mere, I’ve got you.

Curriculum Topics:Recognizing power dynamics, pain response and self-harm, motivations, types of submission, how to get what you want and need while staying in the bottom, attachment styles, FFFF in kink & shame response, better kink and relationships, 24/7 dynamics, contract basics

Dom/me Level 1
You are here –> You have a natural instinct or desire to take charge; Maybe it’s shaky sometimes or maybe you’re completely solid in it, but it’s in you as sure as your heart is beating in your chest. However, dominance isn’t just about being bossy; Anyone can give instructions. Dominance, at least the kind I practice, begins with humility and self-awareness. A person’s submission is not taken, it is given. For that, they need to trust you. Do you trust yourself to hold that space for them?

Come learn with me. Together we’ll explore ‘why’ you want to explore dominance and begin to shape your ‘how.’ It’s time for you to be vulnerable — with yourself. Only then can you expect someone else to trust you with their own body and mind.

Curriculum Topics: motivations, chrononormativity, temperature changes, gender, religion, & sexualized bodies, daily ritual and intentional lives, expansion and contraction, observing self, intimacy spreadsheet, true consent, rupture & repair, better/safer relationships, intentional scene writing

Dom/me Level 2
You are here –> You’ve taken my Level 1 class and absorbed the principals. You understand that in order to be the Dominant in a D/S relationship, you need to be transparently self-aware. No matter what type of relationship, whether a single experience at a play party or a longer-standing dynamic, the key is cultivating trust and safety.

You want to show through your energy, words, and actions, that you are a safe person for someone to submit to. Together we will explore how you can be a Dominant with integrity from the start, right through to aftercare. Your submissive partner(s) will thank you for it, (without you needing to tell them to).

Curriculum Topics: Basic 5, fairytale breakdown, 24/7 dynamics, creativity in self-care, sadist/masochist, beauty in submission, soul-investigation, deeper on codependency, how to build relationships, layered scene building, contract basics, skill practice

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*A D/s contract with Sir Blooms (limited slots available) is a powerful tool which outlines specific agreements between both parties, is only available after a 3-month trial period, and must be renewed every 3 months by the agreement of both Sir Blooms and the client. The intention of a contract is to help clients feel held, contained, and focused on their goals of self-improvement by understanding explicitly what is expected of them and what happens if those contracted goals are not met.

Contracts come with D/s symbolic items like cuffs/collars, chosen pet names, weekday morning and evening check-ins via texts or video, access to Higher Support which includes the possibility of weekend connections, Top Tier rewards with Sir, Findomming, and discounted in-person kink sessions after 3 months.