Hello! I’m glad you’ve found me. 

I want to help you find meaning, stability, and joy in living an intentional life using tested and proven solutions.

I make self- & community-care into bite-sized, possible pieces by weaving various levels of support. My passions are helping you gather all the pieces of yourself you’ve left behind (or had to ignore for safety), and teaching you the skills you missed along the way.

Need help making your life make sense? I’ve got you.

Sir Blooms is a genuine, compassionate, thoughtful human and I’m grateful to have him in my life. In our D/s relationship built on love and trust, I consistently feel safe. With his creativity and empathy, he has helped me spot unhealthy behavior patterns and coping skills, and taught me healthier alternatives. Working with Sir Blooms has been – hands down – one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. ~ AUM

Meet Leoh

Leoh Blooms is a mentor and health advocate with over fifteen years of experience working with individuals on their journey to a life they won’t need to hide or escape from, using his unique multi-modality technique. Leoh’s essays on mental health and gender have been published in books, magazines, and online. Their art is hanging on walls in several countries.

Leoh has earned a reputation for improving lives in simple yet impactful ways, with their unique approach of weaving healing around intimacy, mental health, gender, and sex, with practical self-care techniques.

Among their revolutionary mix of blended care, they offer optional services as a Pro Dom, using kink as a healing modality.

With diverse clientele all over the world, Leoh has built hundreds of specific and individualized curriculums, targeted to each unique client’s needs, guiding people through some of the hardest most challenging moments of their lives.

Sir Blooms has encouraged me to come into my own as an artist, a writer, a nonbinary person, and most importantly, deserving of love. Their experience-led mentoring has helped me become the person I want to be, and their support has been invaluable to me. ~ E.M.

“Many people, especially queer folks, spend their lives masking to fit in, contorting themselves to slot into a binary world that doesn’t validate them. Along the way, we learn false things, like we’re unworthy of love or that there is something fundamentally wrong with us. Let me set the record straight: You are good. You are worthy, right now. You deserve to take up space and use your voice. You have good ideas. You have skills and passions that make you unique. You are ever-capable of learning new things. You deserve (and require) self care and rest. I’m honored to show you how.” ~ Leoh Blooms

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Are you feeling overwhelmed, overextended, gloomy or fuzzed out, in a pickle, in over your head, or like you’re treading water?

I help by creating a container where you can feel safe enough to learn and grow. Stop feeling like you need to hide or escape from your life!

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