Work with Me

Hello! My name is Leoh Blooms (he/they/she).

I’m a mentor, Pro Dom, and educator who is passionate about learning, sharing, and empowering others to live their best lives. My mentoring focuses on intimacy, mental health, gender, sex, and practical self-care. I help clients understand where these major components of life converge and how our responses to them impact our ability to feel joy and thrive. I use a variety of healing modalities in my mentoring practice with clients including energy work, practical self-care, mind/body connection, trauma/emotional processing, kink (25+), and power dynamics (25+).

As a trauma-informed energy practitioner, certified Holistic Health Coach, and mental health advocate, I hold the journey my clients are navigating as sacred. I am committed to cultural humility and recognize how white supremacy, institutionalized racism, and injustice impact the body/mind and contribute to illness in many forms. I stand behind equity and try daily to do less harm than the day before.

Occupying space as a queer, fluid, trans, non-monogamous human, means I am LGBTQI+, sex, kink, and alternative lifestyles positive and create a shame and stigma-free exploratory environment. I work virtually with people ages 21+ all over the world. You can read my published writing here or view my artwork here.

Working with Leah has been transformative, during one of the most challenging (but rewarding) years of my life. I started working with them because I’m a late bloomer and only recently came out as queer a few years ago. Figuring out my pronouns at age 40 has been scary and exciting, and I’m still navigating things — but the lessons I’m learning and self-discovery has been profound. The process of always coming out would be so much more difficult without Leah’s support and the space that they hold for me in our sessions. I’m so, so grateful to have found Leah online, and the work that I’m doing with them is something that I’ll cherish for a long time. ~R.W.

Mentoring Ages 21-25+

Together we’ll work on creating your Adulting Handbook which includes your Personal Manifesto, life skills (like how to rent your first apartment or pay your taxes or get a job you love), how to problem solve and reach goals, and what kinds of relationships you want (and who you want to be in them).

Typically we also explore attachment styles, boundaries, love languages, and work through trauma and habits/coping skills that no longer serve you. It is common for our work to encompass the challenges of neurodiversity, self-harm, disordered thinking around bodies and food, gender exploration, addictions, suicidal ideation, and self-care.

Ultimately, I support you in choosing how you want your life to be and help equip you with tools to make that happen.

(If you are a parent of someone in this age group and you’d like to reach out to me about working with them, please contact me. I’m not taking new clients younger than 21 but I’m happy to work with their parents.)

As someone who has battled with mental health herself, there’s nothing that you can say to Leah that will shock or illicit any judgement. This is exactly what is so special about her. Being met exactly where you are with a deep understanding of self care and healing from someone who has been through it and come out the other end has been indispensable for me. I have not met anyone else who has been so supportive, caring, intuitive and understood exactly where I was coming from. Working with Leah has taught me how to take better care of myself. ~R.G.

Mentoring Ages 25+

Hi. Are you feeling overextended, gloomy or fuzzed out, in over your head, like you’re treading water, in a pickle, or any other idiom that describes someone scrabbling for purchase on the ledge of sane living? I can help by building support structures for you to grow in, while we create a life you don’t have to hide or escape from. Contact me here.

It is common for folks who work with me to be struggling with a type of neurodiversity, existing in a phase of life that is in flux or feels ungrounded, living in reaction states, struggling with isolation and/or addiction, and generally feeling like their life is unmanageable and out of control.

Together we’ll work on your Intimacy Owner’s Manual to explore who you are, what you need, and how you naturally give and receive love, understand the world, and feel best moving through life. You need to be able to solidly understand how all of your parts work, and how they work together, before others can learn how to make your system purrr. I like the metaphor of the owner’s manual for your body because you should be the one who knows the most about you, and literally own your own body, with everything spelled out clearly. Then you can hand it over to someone else for limited use in all the ways that feel good to you. When we talk about healthy sex, we sometimes forget that we have to have our own healthy sex first. When trauma is a factor, it’s infinitely more important that you understand your needs before inviting another human into the mix!

Common themes are gender journeys, reparenting and/or embracing adulthood, attachment styles, practical self-care (feeding, watering, sleeping, movement, joy), trauma work and emotional processing, mental health issues, Highly Sensitive traits, boundaries, and many forms of instability.

The amount of support and structure you need and ask for dictates how we build our work together. That could mean anything from weekly 50-min sessions that include homework, to multi-daily connections that keep you on track. I can customize a program just for you. Contact me here.

It’s been great to work with someone who has a really deep, compassionate understanding of queer experiences and elements of kink culture and how it has an impact on other areas of life. I feel really seen and we’re working together to create a tailor-made toolkit for me to use to make my life better. I feel completely safe in the sessions and feel I can raise any topic or say anything at all with no fear of judgement. I have made huge progress in the last 6 months and now have so many better coping mechanisms at my disposal. We’ve used some elements of kink (Dom/sub interactions) to investigate my behaviour and understand my motivations and needs. We’ve looked at how this dynamic can spread into other areas of life, such as work, and relationship with family and friends. It’s been a really useful tool in understanding my emotional reactions to a whole range of situations. I’ve learned to recognise and understand some longstanding behaviour patterns that I hadn’t noticed I was repeating. I now feel like I know what’s behind them, what they mean, what my underlying motivations are, and what reward systems I had set up in my brain. ~F.R.

Blooms Community (Ages 25+)

My Sir Blooms private community is in beta and open to former and current clients as well as former Patreon members. If that’s you, please email me and I’ll send you an invite! If that’s not you and you’d like to be notified when the community is open to the public, get added to the notify list by emailing me here.

I have learned so much from working with Leah and she’s also helped me uncover and reinforce things I already knew that I didn’t quite know I knew. She’s an incredibly gifted teacher and listener.She hears what I’m saying even when I have trouble finding the words to say it. I sleep better, work smarter, play more joyfully, and love with more tenderness and appreciation. ~J.M.
The value I place on these experiences [with Leah] is beyond measure! I see the world through a more enlightened and brighter perspective. I use [her] methods to support my experience of the process and proceed with love. This means improving the quality of care I give my accupuncture patients. As a wife, this means having a better relationship with my husband. The peace of mind I experience daily has grown enormously. ~G.S.

Nurturing Through Healing Arts Video Series

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