1st day of WORK!

So. I’m a real worker now. How ’bout that?

And my title is ‘loan officer’. I sound so…so…official. But today went great and I think I’ll be good at it.

Talked to two of my sisters tonight. That’s always fun. They are both trying to think of creative ways to help their little sister over this hard stump of a place while making sure that I’m not feeling like a charity case but still getting the things I need. The cash flow is low so Rhoda is buying some of my paintings. They are about a year old, left over and on her hands, taking up space in her home and now she’s going to buy them and actually own them instead of being nice and just housing them indefinately for me and so my car and insurance will be paid. And Laurel is going to pay my first few months of rent to I can finish training to be the official loan person that I was born to be and let me pay her back later. Who could ask for a better family?

Soon, I keep telling myself…..Soon. Then I’ll be back on my own two feet and able to pass the kindness around. It’s so much harder for me to be on the receiving end of the giving. I like being on top. 🙂

Reading a book called ‘The Idiot Girls’ Action-Adventure Club’ by Laurie Notaro. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like to read about drunken escapades and she curses, so here’s a head’s up for my family who doesn’t like that kind of thing, but her writing style is humorous and is similar to mine. She is sarcastic and pokes fun at herself. Like me. She has a lot of things to poke fun of. Like me. I think we would be friends if we lived close enough.

Things are feeling up. I like that.

Quick recap for the kids:
i’m a loan officer, first day of work went well, didn’t wear either shirt mentioned yesterday but opted for a sleeveless one under a jacket due to the pain of the new tat, your mother is a charity case for the time being but not forever, i still read books just like i tell you to do.
much love, mom. XOXOXO