It's so weird for me…

It’s so weird for me to think that I can wear a pantsuit to work with a semi-low-almost-cleavage-showing blouse, drive my car, vote, live on my own, order my own lawn furniture, own a gun, start my own business, shave my head, wear military fatigues if I so desire but there is a woman in the year 2002 that is going to get stoned to death because she had a baby after she got divorced which means she must have had sex without being married. The man, incidentally, faces no charges because he simply said he wasn’t involved. Well, it’s a little harder for a woman to lie while a small human gestates inside her. I’m not going to justify having sex outside marriage. But surely, Amina Lowal doesn’t deserve to have her skull split open while being helplessly buried up to her neck in dirt. If you go to Oprah’s website you can sign a petition to help save her life. I did.

I don’t think I’m thankful enough for all I have. Even with no more than a few bucks in the bank to call my own and homeless, I have so many more rights and privileges than other people around the world. I stand/sit more thankful to our founding fathers and everyone that fights to keep our country free tonight than I was this morning.

Called my sister back tonight and had one of those mime-ing talks. Because of the lack of words, these never make very good phone conversations. I’m waiting for her to say something and I’m waving my hands around in the air trying to pull her words magically from the air. ‘So, You called me?’ I ask her. ‘Ummm…yes. I did.’ she replied. *pause* ‘SO. Did you need something?’ ‘Nooooo….not really.’ *longer pause* ‘Weeeeeelll, are you doing something right now?’ ‘Yes. I’m out to dinner with friends.’ *pause: shorter than the long but longer than the shortest* ‘Huh. Well. I’m thinking you’d like to talk to me about something but you want to do it later?’ I’m trying to read her mind…. ‘Right! So glad you called.’ >click< and that was that. I guess I'll just have to wonder what it was she wanted to talk about. I hate it when that happens. I'm so NOT patient. Thinking about getting fake nails again. I miss the comforting clack-clack on the keys as I type. quick recap for the kids:
be thankful you live in the united states and try not to whine so much, the phone makes a better conversation converter than a mind reader, you might find me with talon extensions on my fingers soon. iloveyouiloveyouiloveyoumorethanyoulovemeendofdiscussiontheend.

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