Paleo Lunch – Tuna Salad

Simple food is one of the great benefits, in my opinion, of Paleo eating. I have a few main go-to meals for breakfast and lunch and I stick to them. It makes my day go smoother. I don’t have to think about it. They are fast and easy to prepare. It’s everything I’m looking for in a meal.

One of these is Tuna Salad. And it goes thusly:

1 sm can of organic chunk white tuna
blob of homemade mayo
fermented pickles
crudites (or potato chips!)

  1. If I can’t find organic tuna, I get whatever is on sale. I don’t drain it very much.
  2. I make my own mayo when I can to avoid vinegar. This is a great simple mayo recipe that I like better than all the other more complicated recipes out there. I like it best with Olive oil.
  3. I make my own pickles (shown above). This is a great recipe. When I run out, I buy Bubbies. Again, to avoid vinegar, because Bubbies are naturally fermented. (They also have divine Sauerkraut.)
  4. I eat the tuna salad with carrot and celery sticks and sometimes potato chips, the latter being really, most definitely NOT Paleo unless they are homemade and not in vegetable oil and let’s face it, I don’t make time to do that. So, sometimes I open a bag of Lay’s and eat a handful of chips with my Tuna Salad, like today. Just thought you should know. Everyone’s got their little things.

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