New Family Game

And when I say ‘Family’ I mostly mean Joe. Man, that guy won’t get off the game and let the kids have a turn. He’s all ‘It’s my microphone! It’s my song! I’m your mother! If you love me you’ll let me play!’ Oh, wait.

Joe picked up the American Idol version of Karaoke Revolution complete with Simon, Dog-you-know-what-Dog and some odd lady that is NOT Paula, which is shameful.


Because the whole reason you watch Idol is to watch the most-likely-intoxicated Paula slur out slightly irritating and unintelligible compliments to the contestants. And she’s not even in the game! It’s this other helmet-haired woman with absolutely no personality at all. Like, imagine the opposite of Paula: she’s completely sober, not entertaining and never says anything except ‘I think the middle was pitchy. What do YOU think, Cowell?” In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Simon Cowell had created her simply to make himself look better in the game.

We had a BBQ the other night and it was interesting how different the singing game was from the guitar game. (You know I shred, right?) When the guitar game is in, just about anyone will try it, even if they have never seen it before. But you put in the singing game, half the room will leave or refuse to try it. I guess I don’t get it since I’m willing to belt out as loud as possible in front of just about anyone. In fact, come over. I want to sing in front of you right now. Hurry. I just unlocked Achy Breaky Heart. Just kidding. That song isn’t on this edition. It’s probably on the country edition, though. But wouldn’t it be great if I could sing that for you right now?? THINK about it! I also do awesome dance moves while on stage.


My character looks kind of like KristyK. How cute, eh? Here I am singing “Love Will Keep Us Together”. My *ahem* attributes are very generous in the game.


Here’s Joe. You haven’t truly heard “What A Girl Wants” until you’ve heard him sing it.


We need to get a 2nd mic so we can play duets. My one complaint: the font stinks. Pick a font that is easy to read, dudes! Don’t make me work so hard to input my name.

6 Replies to “New Family Game”

  1. You are too funny!
    If I could only have you sing Achy Breaky Heary to me all of my dreams would be realised and the next day I could be like, “Yeah, Leah? Yeah last night she sang to me. Jealous much? Thought so.”
    Perhaps we should concider this for our next PD weekend.

  2. after reading this, i have the sudden desire to get one. AND to hear you singing! would love it lots and lots. i have no shame in the singing area either. my one karaoke experience i chose “dreamweaver” cos that my all time fav song. but seriously hard to sing.

    here’s an idea free of charge: film yourself and joe doing your parts so it will totally be like we’re there in your living room. in fact, get a whole lotta folks together and do “blogger idol”.

  3. This is hysterical. I do like the idea of “Blogger Idol.” How funny would that be? It sounds like a lot of fun but I don’t know if I would have the guts to belt out a song. I can’t carry a tune to save my life. I dare say I’d have fun trying though.

  4. Hi! Gotta show my wife this… she’d love it. BTW, we’re from Simi also! I was damn near positive that I was the only one in Simi that knew what a blog was… not that I update mine at all…

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