Everything at Once

You know when you just got out of the car and you’re carrying the bags in and you drank a great latte earlier so you have to go pee and the person you’re with just told you a great story so you’re laughing and trying not to pee your pants while you walk in with the bags and it was a fabulous day and you’re going to go do something really great in a few minutes as well but you don’t have much time to change your clothes and get ready and you need to find the tickets and all in all everything is so wonderful but it’s busy and it’s great but you’re a little stressed but it’s all good…..?

That’s us right now.

Between right this second and January 3rd we are packing up our home and moving to Moorpark, CA., finishing finals in our respective classes, looking for and starting new jobs, taking on new side business with deadlines in the next 2 weeks, getting ready for Christmas by hand making presents, painting a utility box in Hillcrest, driving to Utah for the Holiday, stopping in Vegas to get married and finishing all prior commitments to people here in the San Diego area.

It’s all good. And I have to go pee really bad and I’m going to laugh any second.