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What is a replicable algorithm?” An algorithm is simply a tool to understand how to solve a problem. A replicable one can be used over and over to keep solving problems so you don’t have to start at square one.

I barely passed pre-algebra and never took anything above that in high school, and in college I took only creative electives. Beyond enjoying a bit of geometry, because I’m a shape/container lover, my experience with maths in school has been colored by my family culture, my trauma-based childhood, and my ability to skate by in some areas of life, i.e not having to do my homework or coursework and still passing a class. 

My understanding of equations, formulas, and algorithms comes from one of my many adult lifetimes where I did front-end web design and back-end database work for about a decade. I might not have understood algebra in high school, but I learned some HTML, PHP, and bits of other languages that all work together to make websites function and look right. Much to my surprise, I found my brain did understand theoretically how maths function and that my lack of knowledge in this area was due to the things listed above and not my ability. 

In the last decade, working in the healing arts, my role has been to help clients identify areas where they are stuck in their development and come up with formulas to move forward. Most people have pretty simple formulas with complicated and unique overlays that inform how their brain has made sense of their personal traumas. 

Literally everything your brain does to compensate and make sense of your personal traumas is to keep you functioning and save your life. We often don’t think of our quirks, “bad” habits, and addictions as simply primal survival instincts, but that’s what they are. And once we see how our systems function, we can come up with algorithms that can be used again and again to promote healing. 

Researching and writing my book, Heal Something Good, helped me process and connect how the major components that make us Us go together – Mind/Body connection, Emotional/Spiritual selves, and Energy. Having that foundational chunk of understanding helps when trying to figure out what a specific client’s system has constructed for survival.  

Bringing things into the maths area makes doing this work super practical, which counterbalances the naturally high and dramatic flow inherent in emotional processing. We need to fully explore and feel our emotions to process them and move them out. And we need to be able to pull back and see the issues from a very practical viewpoint to be able to get a sense of the larger picture, plan our routes, and successfully navigate to move on. 

“Why should I care about this?” You might not, and I’m not here to “should” you about that. We’ve all got stuff that matters to us and spend our time accordingly. I can share a couple of reasons why you might *want* to care about this, but given that our internal work, once started, can be filled with tectonic shifts in our internal landscape, which often feels like upheaval and is rarely comfortable while you’re walking the path, I’d say that if you aren’t feeling compelled to learn more and dive in, this might not be your personal moment. 

Perhaps you know someone who might be standing on the precipice, looking down into the void curiously, and wishing they had a guide. If so, I’d appreciate if you passed my info to them. Word of mouth is how I connect with most of my community.

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