One week down…how many to go?

This week was GREAT! Who knows how often I’m going to get to say that, so I thought I’d put it in bold.

I really did like this past week and I’m finding I really like working with numbers and loans etc. And I feel smart and that’s never a bad thing.
The guy I work with who is the broker is the most honest guy I’ve ever met in the finance world or just about anywhere except my mom who isn’t a guy so maybe that doesn’t count anyway….

Went and looked at Ford F-150’s today. Loved a dark gray one. I just might go back and get it. I loved my old truck and I miss it. Yes, I loved it enough to marry it…..

Going to hang out with friends tonight, work a little tomorrow and look for a place to live by the 1st of Nov.

Talked to someone on the phone tonight who was interested in reading my blog. I told her the address to type in and heard her repeat it exactly as I said it but then she told me she couldn’t get in. I asked her ‘You typed in’ And she said, ‘Oh. I just said it out loud like you did. I have to type it in?’ Maybe she has magic internet fairies at her house, but over here I still have to use my fingers.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

quick recap for the kids:
had a great week, love my job, respect my boss, feeling smart, thinking about getting ‘LeahPeah’, the sister of my last truck ‘Passepar2’, it’s nice the majority of the world has fingers to use on keyboard keys.