Oh Golly, Miss Molly

Alright, friends. It is that time. I’m finally ready, willing and able to put together that writers group we all got excited over a few months back.

Here is what I know so far:


1. want to be the president, vice president, secretary or treasurer of anything.
2. want anyone else to be president, vice president, secretary or treasurer of anything.
3. want to be paid or pay anyone else.
4. want strong or critical critiquing
5. want to feel pressured to perform at each meeting.


1. want to show up on a bi-weekly to monthly regular basis.
2. want to drink coffee/brewskies.
3. want to spend a few hours per meeting with like-minded people.
4. want to have it be a relaxing and fun environment.


1. if I’m the one to set up the meeting place.
2. if I’m the contact person.
3. if we have writings prompts or themes as long as they aren’t mandatory.
4. if you buy me a coffee or brew.
5. if we have an official name of some kind like ‘Writing Creatives’ as long as it’s not stuffy or dumb.

Thoughts and ideas welcome. As soon as people let me know they are interested, we’ll find a location that is central to the most people. If you have any items to add to the lists above, let me know and I’ll update accordingly.

Shout out in the comments or send me an email. Let’s shoot for a first meeting the first part of November….?

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  1. i wish i were in the neighborhood. I was in a group for most of last year, and it was an incredible experience. ultimately there was a kind of schism as some of us discovered we were more driven about the writing than others, and that was difficult and painful, although everybody’s friendship seems to have survived intact. Nonetheless, it was a really rich and stimulating time, and I learned a lot about my own abilities and ambitions.

    i would recommend the group adopt some guidelines that orient everyone to the same page more or less and establish a sense of safety. The Artist Way book has guidelines for a “Sacred Circle”…the author’s phrasing of it is pretty woo-woo, but you could look to it as a departure point. the idea is to create a mutally supportive atmosphere.

    Also, i would let each participant state their own comfort level/tolerance with respect to feedback. In our group, some people weren’t up to much in the way of criticism, while others wanted more challenge.

    Have a wonderful time. I would most definitely buy your coffee.

  2. not on your coast nor do i consider myself much of a writer per se but i just wanted to wish you good luck, it sounds like a great idea and i love the rules [or lack thereof] so far! go get ’em!

  3. Might I recommend:


    I don’t own her book “Writing Alone Writing Together” don’t need it as I have Judy!! She’s my writing coach and our group facilitator. Very worthwhile.

    Leah, I understand your resistence to rules and structure, but they are helpful at times. Perhaps thinking in terms of rituals and building traditions… also definitely someone needs to take the lead on making the time/place. I think if you do that, then do it consistently, the group will happen and will develop into what it needs to be.

    GOOD LUCK. and don’t forget most importantly HAVE FUN.

  4. would you ever be interested in driving down to Venice for such a thing? I joined LA Writers (an online group that sends out prompts/exercises once a week) and am planning to offer up a meeting at my home, potluck and friendly, for however frequently people can manage it, most likely as you suggested.

  5. Looking back at comments from “Who do” post, see how many of us are in your neighbourhood, just not the zip code kind?

    Tis a knotty problem.

  6. If we could do something via email I’d love to join you all but afraid as soon as our first snowfall hits I’ll be trapped in the middle of Wisconsin until next spring. 🙂

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