Interview with Brandon Rogers

Brandon Rogers from One Child Left Behind makes me laugh. And laugh. And laugh until my gut hurts and tears are running down my cheeks. Sometimes, I have no idea what he’s talking about. Sometimes I do. But, it doesn’t matter because his writing is so creative and strong. It’s beautiful and honest. His own personal favorite post (listed below) is actually the first post I ever read of his and I admit it, I fell in love. Brandon has written for McSweeneys. And I hear he writes some pretty sexy material for scholastic books, of which I have not had the pleasure of perusing. Brandon lives in Washington State with his very understanding wife and two children, who ask him to bing them in the head with small, plastic toys. For fun. And, he has a potty mouth. If you are my mother, you don’t want to read any further.

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  1. That I have a BFF who knows all the names of all the crazy ducks that I insist upon taking pictures of is, I think, one of the very most fortunatest things to have happened in my life thus far.

    What this says about my life’s fortunes I will not editorialize on at this juncture.

  2. “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” I LIKE THAT! Hoping to be a dad sometime in the future, I must keep this in mind. Thanks, Brandon.

  3. Fantastic interview…thanks so much for this, Leah.
    Your intereview questions are great, and you pick the best folks to direct them at. 😉

  4. I can’t decide what I loved more: the line about the colors, or… um… I already forgot what else, but it was funny. Damn funny.

  5. I like brandon’s site, except for the duck references. Ducks remind me of Geese and Swans, which make me have flashbacks to my childhood when a goose, or possibly a swan kicked my ass. There are so many funny practical jokes you can play on a 4 year old that it’s liking trying to count the number of angels on a pin. But one of the funniest, by far, is telling him that he can keep one of the geese, or possibly swans, if he can catch one. THen let him try to catch one and sit back and laugh uncontrollably as the goose, or possibly swan, kicks his ass and scars his self-esteem for life….good times.

  6. Leah, posting this interview was like passing out crack and should have carried a disclaimer. I am shamefully, instantly, addicted to One Child Left Behind in a way that has happened since I found dooce.

    Leahpeah….the gateway blog.

    Thanks, and sorry for the anxiety and worry and bleah you are going through. I hope everything turns out fine.


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