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No workshops planned at this time for 2022.

2021 Workshops are listed by date.

Fairytale F*ckery – Workshop Full

Workshop via Zoom
with Brandelyn &
Leah Blooms
Sat. May 22, 11am-1pm Pac

  • Brain chemicals and body reactions
  • Repeating family trauma and matching trauma styles
  • Why love at first sight is bullshit
  • Cultural brainwashing
  • Understand your “In Love” reactions and learn how to be the boss of your brain, even when you’re being swept off your feet!

Brandelyn (she/her) is a queer femme passionate about relationship-building, especially as it relates to understanding each of our own blind spots. She works in academic medicine ensuring that patient experiences are central in program and policy development. A certified trainer in Crucial Conversations®, part of Brandelyn’s work includes training staff and providers on navigating challenging situations that include intersections of fear and bias. She is a frequent presenter and has published work on the topics of including patient voices in research and rebuilding trust with patients following medical error.

Leah (he/they/she) is a mentor, writer, and artist who is passionate about learning, sharing, and empowering others to live their best lives. Their mentoring focuses on intimacy, mental health, gender, sex, and practical self-care. He helps clients understand where these major components of life converge and how responses to them impact our ability to be successful. Leah uses a variety of healing modalities in their mentoring practice including reiki, practical self-care/self-discovery, kink, mind/body connection, craniosacral, emotional processing, and aromatherapy.

Coming Up!

Relationship Check-In Workshop
~Foundations of a healthy relationship
~Figuring out the ways you’d like to show up
~What to look for in potential partners
~How regular check-ins can make your relationship closer, deeper, stronger, and healthier
~Compare different check-in templates with an intimate look at how my partner, Brandelyn, and I created ours and how it evolved during the pandemic

Untangle the Clusterf*ck Workshop
~Know when you’re triggered
~Steps to deescalate
~Get some objectivity
~Identify your core beliefs
~Change your behavior

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Daily Ritual Creation + Self-Tying as Self-Care
Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) Activation Workshop

Build a daily ritual that creates space for healing and processing. Help yourself heal and learn to relax by embracing the built-in self-care system your body came with + learn and practice rope self-tie.

Limited space! Rope included.
Please bring a yoga mat or thick towel to sit on and a journal + pen.
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What an honor to share space, time, and energy with you all!

San Diego, CA
Portland, OR
Oakland, CA
Los Angeles, CA

You were the best. xoxo