Our Day with Birds in Virginia


My father-in-law, Jim Crawford is an anesthesiologist at Roanoke Memorial Hospital.


One of his partners is Paul Wolff.


Paul and his wife, Diane, have a few birds. Or else, 27, whichever.


They were wonderful and let us in their home tonight to talk with the birds.

And, they love Disney.


We had lunch at Nawab. Here is my mother-in-law, Phyllis, saving us a table. It was easily the best Indian food I’ve ever had.


We saw the Roanoke Star, walked around downtown and saw the scaled down model of the proposed building for the new art gallery which included tiny people. Who doesn’t love tiny people?

star2 walkingbridge tinypeople1 roanokeview birdleah

Updated Virginia album.

5 Replies to “Our Day with Birds in Virginia”

  1. My absolute all-time favorite Indian restaurant is in Virginia, too! It’s Haandi in Falls Church. (Even better than Madhur Jaffrey’s joint in NYC, IMHO.)

  2. I don’t know what to say about that Disney picture. Either they are crazy for actually getting all the stuffed animals out for a group picture, or they are crazy for giving them their own room, ready for visitors like yourself. Crazy Disney. Crazy.

  3. first visit to your page. love, love, love your photos. i grew up in rockbridge county, va., just north of roanoke and now live in belgium. amazing to be web surfing after crawling out of bed at 10 a.m. on new year’s day and come across photos of familiar places. have stayed at the hotel roanoke, visited the downtown art district, and of course, stood in the shadow of the star. but the mountains and the valley are the real stars in roanoke.

    your photos of the christmas table are beyond awesome….

    for christmas, my brother gave me a photo book on rockbridge county. if you have moment, check out my 12/25 post.

    look forward to exploring your site and art.

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