Power Dynamics

I walked into my first dungeon in San Diego, CA after a ten year journey into wellness and alternative healing modalities, during which I became a master level energy practitioner, became certified as a health coach and in energy medicine, opened my own wellness center and continued studying narrative therapy, CDT, DBT, cranio sacral, HSP, reflexology, aromatherapy, nutrition, the parasympathetic nervous system, apoptosis, and a handful of other body/mind/energy protocols and theories. What I experienced in that dungeon brought several things together for me into a space where I could see myself in new ways. Power dynamics and understanding consent gave me a new language through the intimacy of healing kink, and an opportunity to somatically release old trauma that previously had nowhere to go and had instead built up in me.

I recognized Power Dynamics as a healing modality, but not until after I spent a few months diving into the shame and guilt I felt in being pulled to work in them. My conservative, religious upbringing set me up to feel terrible in a D/s setting, (which is ironic when you consider that Jesus was possibly the ultimate masochist and sadism is woven throughout all the history of Christianity) but once I got to the other side of that unlayering, I haven’t looked back and am passionate about helping others who also want to get out of shame-laden, cult, religious thinking.

I started my first Distance Dom program a few years before the pandemic, while traveling up and down the West Coast and holding workshops. Once the pandemic hit, I made Seattle my home, went 100% virtual and used my talents for creating strong growth opportunities virtually with clients. I’m so happy to be able to bring back some limited in-person work at this time.

In my work as a Pro Dom I offer three levels of care: (If D/s is not for you, might I suggest you check out my mentoring offering here?)

1) Blended Mentoring+D/s Practice: After exploring consent and building a foundational understanding of your intimacy needs and a solid self-care practice, you’ll qualify for discounted in-person kink sessions and VIP extended time slots, exclusive app rewards, and the only way I engage in Findomming. Benefits include access to my online private community (see below) and the option (space allowing) to be under D/s contract with me. If you want to be Mine, this is the only way to have an ongoing 24/7 D/s dynamic with me.

2) Stand-Alone Kink Session – In-person kink sessions in Seattle (and in selected other cities). To request my time and attention, you must read the FAQs, review my rates, and fill out the new client form here.

3) Behind the paywall on my website, in my private Sir Blooms community (in beta), you’ll find posts where I talk candidly about kinky self-care and power dynamics in relationships + self-kink how-tos and answer your questions. Learn to write your own kink scenes, enjoy monthly mixtapes and themed kink scenes written by me, learn more about my personal D/s dynamic and personal life including NSFW photo shoots and behind the scenes selfies, and get D/s relationship tips from me and my partners and more.