UPDATE Jan 2020: In 2020 I’m traveling, making connections, writing, painting, and holding workshops. You can follow me and support my work by becoming a patron on Patreon here or you can invite me to your city. If you’re en editor looking for a piece about gender, intimacy, self care, sex, healing modalities, or kink, I’d love to write for you. My writing credits are here. I’m not currently taking web or design work.

I do a lot of stuff, y’all. And I really enjoy all the stuff I do. I believe in living a life of intention and that life is too short to spend it doing things you aren’t having fun doing or that don’t serve you.

You can hire me to shoot photos (1st or 2nd shooter), ghostwrite for you or interview someone, mentor you in Health & Wellness (or other areas you’re working on), speak at an event, create and customize web content as well as doing daily, targeted social media outreach, design illustrations or paint you a mural. Is there something else you have in mind for me? Ask. Chances are I’ll say yes.

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