Alexandra, 21

You’ll find this shocking, but Alex used to be 13, 14, 15, then 16, and 18. Now she is a ripe, old 21, a junior in college and graduating early, dating a guy named Ryan, who we happen to love, and really coming into her own.


Adorable Ghost Snow Dude created by Tony. GSD is our only Halloween decoration, as I dislike Halloween with the heat of a thousand suns. But when your son makes you an adorable Ghost Snow Dude, well, what can I say. My tiny, shriveled Halloween heart grew three sizes that day.

Tony, The Photographer

I spent some time with the boys over the weekend and as per usual, I got the camera out. It’s possible Tyler had had enough.

Tony tried a different tack. He took the camera and tried his shutter-finger for a few. He kept the camera down by his side while we walked and just started snapping shots as we passed people, trying to look all nonchalant. There turned out to be a few good ones, but he totally got caught once. He did succeed in taking what turned out to be a pretty good photo of me, though.