United States of Tara

Today marks the first day of production for The United States of Tara. I’m so excited for this series. Not just because it’s about a mother trying to cope with a dissociative disorder and raise her child (which is an awesome premise for a show) but also because they’ve asked me to work with them over at Dreamworks and who wouldn’t be excited about that?

My job is basically to answer questions as they come up for the actors or writers on how to keep the show authentic and real. This I can do. Nothing like having a job where you just get to be yourself. And I even get my name in the credits. That kind of blew me away.

Toni Collette is playing the woman with the dissociative disorder which is all kinds of awesome. I’ve loved her ever since seeing Muriel’s Wedding, still one of my favorite movies. The pilot is being created first, of course, and there is no guarantee that the series will even get made unless the public wants it. But Steven Spielberg and Diablo Cody are behind it so it feels like it’s got the backing it needs to really fly. Only time will tell. Look for the pilot in a few months time coming to Showtime. You can get updates from Diablo Cody’s MySpace and I’ll do what updating I can here as well.

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  1. Wow, Leah, that’s fantastic! Congratulations!! I could not be more excited for you.

    (P.S. I am also a giant fan of Muriel’s Wedding. 🙂

  2. Leah my darling remember when you thought I was nuts for saying you are an Anne Lamott type of writer? Well I guess I”m not the only one. What a HUGE thing…. and to have an on-air credit is the ultimate in cool. My mom took a picture of my first one and it’s in my album — and it was a VERY long time ago… (actually I should scan it and… but I digress) Your articulate openness is more than worthy of this honor but I”m so glad for you that these folks recognized it. Hooray for the good guys (girls!!)

  3. I’m close to crying. This is so wonderful and well deserved, dearest Leah. What a great project and may you get many more.

    I love you! Yes I do!

  4. thats awesome. Have you met toni collette, or Diablo Cody yet? How did this all come about? A blog entry of the story would be great.

  5. That’s incredibly cool!

    Hope you enjoy this experience! Diablo Cody and Spielberg, doesn’t get much better than that.

    On top of that, the movie sounds great.

  6. Holy crap! I have been following this through Diablo’s blog (I have a gigantic girl crush on her and love Juno with all my heart). That is so freakin’ exciting and I’m very happy for you.

  7. Oh wow. How wonderfully perfect. And with such great talents. Toni Colette is one of the best actors around. I am so pleased for you.

  8. very awesome leah, what a great person for them to use as a consultant on this movie.

    it’s as if the universe hand-picked this just for you. according to the feng shui astrology, this is your year and it’s about time me thinks.


  9. I can’t think of anyone better qualified to translate to people on the outside what mental illness is like on the inside. Even though it makes me sound like I wear dream-catcher earrings and glitter scarves to say it, I sincerely believe that our hardships can shape us into channels for healing if we are willing. You’ve been living proof of it long before this.


  10. Amazing. I wanted to see it before and now I’ll be obnoxious when watching it because I KNOW HER. THE LADY HELPING OUT AND WORKING ON THE SHOW.

    People will want to slap me. I’ll tell them that YOU wouldn’t slap me. That YOU would hug and squeeze me.

    You’re ten shades of Incredible right now.

  11. That’s so amazing! I’m so happy for you, Leah. I love all the work you do to promote understanding of and familiarity with mental disorders. It’s incredibly inspiring. (No, really. It is.)

    Anyway, congrats again! I look forward to seeing the show. 🙂

  12. I did view the first episode, and it is my opinion and the opinions of many of us in the multiple community that the alters were over sensationalized and that this episode presented a very inaccurate picture of what living as a multiple is really like. I hope that Ms. Cody will choose to omit the over sexualized, soap opera aspect that pervaded the first episode, and will pay more attention to the causes of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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