Two Links

1) Joe and I stumbled upon Rob and Big sometime on Friday and the rest of the weekend we watched episodes online whenever possible. We’ve seen them all now and the last one was just as good as the first. Pro skater Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard Christopher “Big Black” Boykin have a relationship that kind of defies probabilities. It’s male bonding at its finest. (And his Bulldog (who gets his own pet miniature horse) learns to skate!)

2) I’ve been laughing about these photos of Kevin for days. I recommend them to anyone trying to get through a hard time.

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  1. I love your blog and I’m sorry that I comment so rarely. I LOVE Rob and Big. I love their man relationship and the awesome dog and the horse. The one episode where Meaty got sick and had to go the doctor I almost cried! And I usually only cry over the extremely sad Extreme Home Makeover episodes!

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