I frequently get asked what a session with me is like. Fair question.

I’m an Energy Practitioner (Reiki Master*) and I use blended and layered energy healing modalities before, during, and after we speak. You might have heard that “energy healing” will heal your physical, mental, or emotional issues. This is not how I’ve experienced energy work. In my experience, as I reach out and “feel” you and your systems, I can help move energy through your meridians and suggest to your chakras that they’d like to align. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t. Instead of thinking of reiki or any other energy modality as a way to “fix stuck energy” or “heal things in the body,” it’s better to think of it as creating a space for that work to be done. And then you can heal yourself.

I know of some energy workers who will move blockages and heavy energy out of your systems, sending you on your way feeling lighter and “healed.” This “healing” will last only a matter of hours without the exploration and understanding of what the heavy energy and blocks are about. Your energy will try to “right” itself and go back to what feels “normal” to you, even if it’s painful. In other words, if your lower back hurt before your session, but feels great right after, but you didn’t explore why it was hurting, it’ll be back. It’s there to show you something. Your system has to give consent for the changes to be lasting and it’s ok if you’re not there on day one.

Each session is a combination of us talking, me reaching out and feeling your energy, listening for ways to be helpful, suggesting ideas you may not have thought of, and offering support for reaching your goals. I may give you writing or other assignments to help you think through your underlying beliefs.

You may feel happier, buzzy, or more energetic after a session. You also might feel sad, worried, frustrated, determined, angry, or any other feeling as we open things you’ve stuffed down over the years. Talking about hard things can be hard, but then it can be freeing. I’d never tell a client that they’ll leave a session feeling “healed.” I think any practitioner who does is doing a disservice to that individual’s process.

My sincere hope is to be helpful to you by showing you things you’ve hidden from yourself, when you’re ready to see them. As we remove layer after layer of old stuff, you’ll feel lighter and more empowered, and that’s what helps you heal and create lasting and positive change. It’ll be done in your own time and in your own way and I’ll be there to empathize, validate, and guide you based on what I’ve seen work with others and myself. That’s what a mentor does.

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*My relationship with being a Reiki Master has changed over the years. While I do use my own personal type of energy work in my practice with clients, which includes what I learned in my time training to become a Reiki Master, I no longer give attunements to others. I became passionate about Reiki when I believed my family genealogy included indigenous peoples. The Reiki Master I learned from had lineage that was similar to what I believed at the time was my own, along with Japanese lineage and training. That family myth has since been disproven via genetic testing. I’m made of 99.7% colonizer bloodlines and as such, have no claim to be a Reiki Master or spirit worker. I refuse to knowingly contribute to the harm done to other cultures by white colonization and spiritual bypassing.