Party Re-Cap

We had a great time the night of the United States of Tara premiere party. Diablo brought her fiance, Dan, who might be the nicest guy I’ve ever met.


We had old friends and new friends show up for the taco bar before the pilot aired. Buttery Nipples were the shot of the night. We talked and talked and it was all around good family fun. Also, we smoked mint flavored tobacco in the hookah in the backyard.


My favorite photo of the night is not mine. It was taken by my friend, Susan Myrland. She and her husband Doug drove up from San Diego to be there. Susan caught Diablo hanging my yellow-circle-obsession mobile up to the hook on the ceiling.

This post really has no ending, except maybe something like – have friends over for a dinner and a movie night. It’s fun! I guess I’ll close by saying that Diablo was very sweet to pose for a slew of photos and somehow managed to have a genuine smile and angelic aura around her in each one.








4 Replies to “Party Re-Cap”

  1. I am so proud of you, and tickled to see positive and wonderful things come from the victory over your demons. You are a strong bitch, beotch.

    Here’s to more laughter, success and healing.

    I love you.

  2. Found my way over from Brandons…

    Diablo C. is a Top 3 girl crush and one reason I write likes I do. How lovely to read (and see) that aura permeates all her layers!

    Curious to read to more of your blog 😉

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