Nurture Plus DS Full Support (Tight)

Hey, hey, bb!

I’m guessing you’d describe yourself as someone looking for daily accountability inside a power dynamic to help you stay on track. You’d benefit from using an app where you can earn customized rewards from me for all your hard work. You thrive with all that validation and would love a weekly focus to put your energy into. You’re looking for and have the resources to put towards exponentially faster, deeper growth and eagerly want to work hard and be held in support.

You can’t wait to build a deep, supportive connection with me and want to call me Sir. You also want to feel special and get a pet name from me. You are drawn to kink. You also might want to understand kink better, power dynamics deeper, and learn how to use both to increase connection in your other relationships, including learning how to be a better, healthier Top/Dom/me or bottom/submissive.

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