My Car

If you know the history of me and my car (23 Oct 2002 The Curse of the Car), you won’t be surprised to learn that last night it was broken into. Back small window, driver’s side, punched in so they could unlock the door. Went through everything in the trunk and jockey-box. They stole about 30 undeveloped one-time use cameras with photos my sister took of her kids for a children’s book I am/was helping her with. They also took the cute change purse Joe’s mom gave me for Christmas. One can only assume they, too, must have a first name beginning with ‘L.’

Broken glass everywhere.

They left the Minneola on the passenger seat along with a Tigers Milk bar. They obviously don’t know good food when they see it.

The best part? My car insurance lapsed a few months back and I haven’t paid the fee to get it started again.

So, there you go.