LA Bloggers Live! #1

I don’t think anyone would disagree that last night was fun. We had wonderful readers, one of whom worked at the Tangier and signed on at the last minute. The stories varied from relationships to Barbies to early bike riding to recent bike riding and more. It was delightful! There was an abundance of talent in the room and hardly a slow moment.

I spent the last few weeks wondering if I wanted to do a bang-up MC job and go all out with funny quips in between readers or if I should just keep it simple and announce the readers as their turn came up. I couldn’t stomach trying to be the lady in the funny hat so I decided to just stick with announcing their names and URLs, which sometimes I forgot to do. I thought more time for the readers was a better choice since we only had about an hour.

In retrospect, and based on the feedback of some attendees, I think next time I’ll do more of an introduction before each reader. I might even create a list/program so people know the basics of who will be reading when.

Thanks so much to all that came out to listen and those that were brave enough to read. I so appreciate your support! See you all in August. And in the meantime, come to LA Angst on July 11th.

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  1. Definitely a fun night and I’m glad I only actually knew one of the other readers … it really helped me to expand my horizons (instead of just patting me on the head and keeping me in the same network I’ve been in for years).

    I’d love to have a little quarterpage program of the evening to take home, if for no other reason to help me with the names when I talked to people after.

    Tangiers is a great location. I liked my food … I wish I could have seen it.

  2. Hmm. After seeing the picture, I realize I should have stood up. I’m starting to resemble Jabba the Hut…

    Anyway, it was a great time! Thanks again for inviting me to join the group. It was a good learning experience and nice to meet all these new folks!

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