I What?

Because I love the sound of my own voice (false) I made the first of what I hope to be the entire series of old columns in MP3 form. You can listen to me drone on and on about the planets in Lucky Stars, Bad Signs and Planets in Retrograde. Text version here. The awesome music you hear in the intro is a sample from a song two of my brothers did for my sister on her birthday some years back. The end song, which I included in its entirety just for the fun of it, is my brother, Nato, singing a song that us younger kids sang growing up called I Like You. I believe my sister Rhoda made it up one day as we walked to the swimming pool on a hot summer afternoon and we all started singing different parts to harmonize. In this version, Nate is doing all the parts himself. Kind of talented, isn’t he?

I have a little bit of a cold but I hope that makes me sound sexy, not drunk and sleepy.

3 Replies to “I What?”

  1. this is incredibly awesome leah. the music is great! and you reading, i felt like i was listening to an episode of “this american life” (which i really really love). do more of these, your read as well as you write 🙂

  2. I listened to the whole thing – I think I’ve missed your voice. 🙂 I like this idea of reading blog entrie – not for me (rather hickish voices don’t transfer well to recordings, imo), but definitely for you!

    And? The SONG (before and after) was/is RAD!

    Love it.
    Yes, I said “rad”.

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