Health & Wellness

I am a queer, gender-fluid, body and sex-positive certified Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Master with focuses in energy work, nutrition, emotional release, and the Mind/Body connection. I see clients via the magic of the internet (Skype/FaceTime/Zoom). You can make an appointment to see me here. or check out the website I created for my book where all the info is free.

I am passionate about the mental/physical/emotional/spiritual connection that dictates our well-being. I’m a long-time advocate of removing the stigma of mental illness. I believe in using Holistic and Eastern practices to augment what Western medicine has to offer us, and that usually it’s best to use them together. And I teach that using passion and practicing gratitude and joy will help you live longer.

I’m NOT a licensed therapist and I’m happy to point you in that direction if that’s what makes sense. I AM someone with almost fifty years of lived experience who has been successful at helping many others improve their lives using the knowledge I’ve acquired along the way. Please read the agreements below so you know how our relationship will be set up and what I expect from our work together.


Here are the agreements we make by entering into this work together:

I assume that because you found me, it’s the right time for you do some work that I can help you with. As long as you’re invested in working on your stuff, I’ll be happy to stand with you. This work can look like many different things and show up in many different ways, but it always requires you to be brave and honest. That doesn’t mean you won’t ever feel afraid, but it does mean you agree to try and move forward and through hard things.

I offer you love while holding you accountable. I promise to be compassionate and unflinchingly honest while you explore the foundation and structures you’ve constructed to protect yourself. I will promote radical and fierce self-love and self-care and I will support you as you uncover the ways you’d like to be loved and supported.

For our work to be successful, you will need to be ready to change how you view the world, yourself in the world, and your underlying limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in unhealthy places. You will need to be willing to sit in discomfort while you learn new ways to be and think and feel. And you may need to be willing to process grief as we say goodbye to ways that haven’t worked to make room for the new, healthier, more positive ways of being.


I am not a therapist or councilor or any licensed healthcare professional. The work we do together and any advice I give you will be based on my own lived experiences and what I’ve learned by working with other clients in the past 15 years. You agree to not hold me responsible for any losses, damages, settlements, liabilities, costs, charges, assessments, or expenses on your part relating to our work together or participation in my groups, workshops, books, or any other product or class I create or facilitate.

©2018, Leah Peterson Crawford