Gingerbread Houses, er, Buildings, er, Somethings

After we got done gorging ourselves on turkey and stuffing and pie, we got out the supplies to make gingerbread houses. We used to do this every year but have slacked off the past few years. But this year – back on task.

As I pulled out bag after bag of candy, none of which anyone wanted to eat because they were so full (it’s part of the plan, yo) the kids got around the table and grabbed a ziplock of icing. We found out that we were missing one of the walls for the houses and we were 2 gingerbread men short. Most of the candy was too heavy for the icing and I thought – this is awesome.

Never, in any of the years we’ve done this, have the houses ever worked. They just don’t. The icing is either too soft or too hard and the house parts are too heavy or too brittle and the graham crackers that I buy to have just in case are broken. I mean, if the point was to actually make gingerbread houses, the entire thing would be a bust. But that is never the point.

Alex did hers on the tinfoil.


Devon made a huge glob of marshmallows.


Lacey made lovely designs.


Tony did mostly all his candy on the inside.


Tyler made some kind of bench out of gumdrops.


And Alison and Tony made a Holy Moly roller church –


that sacrificed gummy bears.


All in all, a great success. Complete set here.

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  1. I haven’t smiled like that in a long time. It was just like a pre-depression smile. Thank you for unintentionally bringing that to me!

  2. What a great story Leah! Many of the best memories I have are of those “crafty” moments with my kids. In fact, I still remember those sorts of times I spent with my own mom. You’re definitely right about the true mission of projects like gingerbread houses and plaster of Paris sand castings and seashell painting… we’ve been building memories – not just stuff. Happy happy holidays…

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