Good Advice

“My nose hurts. Inside. It feels kind of like a paper cut.”

“My advice – stop filing papers in there.”

Morning Interchange

“You keep touching my butt. That is like 4 times this morning.”

“Well, I like your butt. It’s so….nice and big and round.”

“Here’s a hint. Don’t tell your wife her butt is big and round.”

“What about the ‘nice’? I said ‘nice’, too!”

“But that is not what I hear. I hear BIG.”

“Hey, I like big butts and I can not lie.”

“I’m physically ill now. I’m gagging.”

“No. You’re laughing.”


“When they make the movie of our lives, they will never get that part right. They couldn’t. It was too great.”

Panorama Driving

I posted a whole bunch of panorama photos that I took over the past few weeks. All of them but one was taken while Joe was driving and I was able to shoot through the windows in the van. I love doing it. It’s like a puzzle. Here is one of my favorites taken while going around the bend right before Hurricane, Utah:


EDIT: I’ve had a few requests to see the original size of the panoramas. There is really no way to do that because some are 20MB. But I did add one at 7000 px wide. Just go to the ‘all sizes’ on this one and view it in the original size.