San Diego Artist: Perry Vasquez, Part 1

(Posted at San Diego Union Tribune)

Yesterday I posted about Alexander Jarman, who is curating a show at the Southwestern College Art Gallery called More Real Than Life: An Exhibition of Contemporary Collage.

Today I’m focusing on Perry Vasquez, the gallery director, and artist in his own right.

Perry was nice enough to let me come to the Southwestern College Art Gallery to see the show coming together. It’s great to go see a show on opening night and view all the pieces, plumped up in the perfect light and showing off their party dresses, but there is something altogether fascinating to me about getting a behind-the-scenes look at the parts that make up the finished show. The nitty gritty, if you will. It’s enough to whet your appetite and make you hungry for opening night.

I’ve got another video coming of Perry, which I hope to post early next week, that focuses on his own work. The following video is a sneak peak into the upcoming exhibition, More Real Than Life.


Thursday, March 8: Opening
Artist Talk for Students and Staff: 12 p.m., Reception 11-1
Public Reception: 6-10 p.m. Artist Talk 7-7:30 p.m.
Light refreshments provided

Southwestern College is located at 900 Otay Lakes Road in Chula Vista, California. Gallery hours are Monday-Thursday, 9-5

Exhibiting Artists:

Sadie Barnette, Based in San Diego, CA.
Mike Calway-Fagen, Based in San Diego, CA.
Troy Dugas, Based in Lafayette, Louisiana.
Lola Dupre, Based in Avignon, France.
Chris Kardambikis, Based in San Diego, CA.
Gordon Magnin, Based in Los Angeles, CA.
Morgan Manduley, Based in San Diego, CA.
May-ling Martinez, Based in San Diego, CA.
Arturo Medrano, Based in New York City, NY.
Jason Sherry, Based in San Diego, CA.
Joshua Tonies, Based in San Diego, CA.

4 Paintings

All for sale. Email me if you’re interested.

OCEAN LADY, 24″X 20″ mixed media on canvas

BROWN SCAR, 24″ X 20″ acrylic, beeswax on canvas

TREE LINE, 36″ X 24″ acrylic on canvas

RED FRUIT, 24″ X 24″ mixed media on canvas

Moving Forward Fund

Hello Internet. How are you today? Good, I hope.

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1 ink and watercolor blank card with envelope – $10
Set of 10 ink and watercolor blank cards with envelopes – $50
Custom name or word in blown ink – $40
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Paper Mobile, any three colors – $120
Jewelry – email for prices

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Forest in Blue

I’m obsessed with trees. I’ve done more tree sketches and paintings than I can count. I see something new all the time and try to capture it on canvas. This 4 foot square painting made with paper, modeling paste and acrylic paint is one of my all time favorites.

Forest in Blue

Detail –


Forest in Blue is for sale here. Other paintings are available here.

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