Have you seen Yogabeans? If you haven’t, you really must. I never thought I would understand how to do yoga but thanks to GI Joe, Orange Krybot and Fussy, I will now shout Sapta! with confidence.

Robin's Eyeballs

Robin came over yesterday with a mutual friend, Jane, who also happens to be one of our clients. While Joe talked shop with Jane, Robin and I recapped the past year for each other. I haven’t seen her in quite some time and I’ve missed her.

Whenever Robin and I get together, we do something crafty. (Yes, Heather, we do. And it’s never involved pom-poms or googly eyes. Next time you and I get together, I’m bringing clay and glass eyes and we are going to make heads!!) I’ve been too busy to think about anything remotely creative so I wasn’t even thinking about it. But she came prepared to do a little crafting and what did she pull out of her bag? Heads.


And eyeballs.


She’s currently crafting Art Dolls, which is something I’ve never even heard of but am now a little compelled by. (Some of the dolls I found online are slightly disturbing.) Look at the detail in the teeth and lips of this one she’s making! Robin makes wonderful things and hauntingly beautiful art. She made the cover for my book. Soon she’ll have an online space that showcases all her artwork and you will pretty much die from how beautiful it is.

Robin is truly one of the most wonderful people that I have the pleasure of knowing.


Here is one of her paintings from a year ago or so.

Missing Out

Who’s not going to SXSW?
Who’s sad about not going and had to cancel plans and hotel accommodations etc?
What’s one of the most annoying things in the world?
People who ask questions and then answer them right afterwards.

I just know that there is going to be fantastic fun had by all and many great discussions and nerdy moments that will be lost to me forever. *sigh

For all of you lucky enough to attend and bask in the glory that is Heather and Jason up on stage together and imparting of their knowledge to the masses, please take notes to share with me.

M. Hughes Casa Retreat

Located in the beautiful San Diego area, is the home of a dear friend of mine, Mickele, whose name is pronounced Michael, not Mickallee, even though she is, in fact, a female. She invited me to her home for the weekend where we drank lemon tea with honey, watched movies with her cat who has so many names it’s hard to pick just one, but for the sake of this post I’ll call her Peanut Butter, which isn’t one of her names but I think it suits her. We had pedicures and ate dinner out at the Yellow Coyote Tortilla Factory and went to the bookstore where I proceeded to spend an exorbitant amount of money on books like ‘How to Live with Intention’ and ‘Don’t Be Such an Idiot.’ (I may have made up that last title.) We talked. And talked. And also, we talked. And it was the absolute wonderfullest weekend I could ever have had right now. Mike has a way of being supportive yet neutral. She listens to me go on and on about the same dang thing for hours and still nods her head like she’s listening. Because she is! And caring! And she loves me and also Joe. She knows us both very well and so when I tell her that I have no idea how to move forward, she just nods and holds my hand until I figure out how to do it. Because I can do. I just forget.

I don’t know much. But I know a little. I know I have to do the hard thing first. Doing the hard thing. sigh Yes, well, it’s hard. Otherwise it would be called the easy thing. Or the thing least likely to offend or require effort. Or the comfy thing. Hey. I want the comfy thing. However, the hard thing is most likely to have the biggest payoff. It’s the thing that means the most later and the thing you keep thanking yourself for choosing to do and God for helping you do. Doing the hard thing requires concentration and remembering and continued effort. It’s always looking for what is hiding so that you don’t miss it when you fall into old patterns. We actually do have to live with intention. Or we don’t. And our lives just kind of happen to us. And usually not in the way we hoped or wished. And the people we live with and call family deserve to have us trying to be our best. They deserve a life with someone living their authentic life and not someone just sludging through the day. They deserve attention! and support! and love! and a continued effort! to come together and teamize. But there is simply no way to do that TEAM thing until you have a good start on the ME thing. That I know.

So here is to change. And living authentically. And continuing even though it’s hard. I’m cautiously optimistic.

And now for photos!!

Here is our dinner table:


Here is Mike at Pannikin in front of the giant portrait of Marilyn Monroe:


And here she is trying to bite the entire universe she was so hungry:


Good thing her breakfast of scrambled eggs that they steam cook using the esspresso machine came:


And here she is demonstrating great empathy:


This wildly swinging heart hangs from her rearview mirror:


And here is a pillow that shows how OCD I can really be. It has nothing to do with anything else in this entry, but I thought you’d like to see it.


Avoiding the Meme

I’ve been tagged a few times for the 4 things meme but not done it because hey! I’m the one that interviews people, not the other way around, right? And, isn’t it dead already?

But now, in true leahpeah fashion, here is my attempt to participate.

4 jobs I never want to have:

gas station tiolet cleaner
cloth diaper washer
contruction worker that has to hold the slow/stop sign
a contestant on american idol

4 movies with Drew Barrymore:

Never Been Kissed
Ever After
The Wedding Singer
Mad Love

4 people I can’t stop listening to:

Imogen Heap
Coco Rosie
Seu Jeorge

4 dishes I’ve made that have created illness:

some casserole thing with beef and fruit
an apple pie made with salt instead of sugar
undercooked thanksgiving turkey
egg salad sandwiches

4 sites I visit every single freakin’ day:


4 reasons to get out of bed in the morning/afternoon (whatever):

my kids

4 things I wish I never would have said:

‘Yes. I absolutely know that is true.’
‘If that isn’t reason enough, do it for me.’
‘When is your baby due?’
‘Just get that back to me whenever.’

4 things I tell myself every day/night:

Do the hard thing first.
I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me.
I’m doing a great job.
Walk away from the cake/donut/french fries/bread/carb

4 things my kids do that make me laugh:

Devon: tells me when he’s going to use the toilet. He’s 17.
Alexandra: looks at herself in the visor mirror and makes pig faces
Tyler: grabs my leg when I go up the stairs
Anthony: asks me where the cheese went. (I don’t know)

Interview with David Sasaki

David Sasaki might not be someone you’ve heard of yet unless you live and blog in San Diego or are a regular at Global Voices. He’s on of the best kept secrets on the web but with his strong and honest writing voice, sometimes odd sense of humor, it’s only a matter of time until his name will begin to sound familiar everywhere. His blog is a perfect blend of techie, in that he incorporates so many dynamic elements, and personal due to his open writing, along with definite political veins. Check out his visitor map, his plethora of tags just waiting to be clicked and explored and his photos here and here. Combine that with his heart of gold and there is no way you can’t not like him. (Yes, Mrs. Wheeler, that was a double negative. And I meant it.)

Interview with Jon Armstrong

New Interview: Jon Armstong

You’d have to look hard, like under an earthquake retrofitted bridge foundation, to find a more devoted husband and father than Jon Armstrong, which is enough to make him likable on all fronts. However, you might not know that his talents include modeling, dog wrangling and art direction. He takes fantastic photos, which he posts here and here. He is a master web designer and has created some very smart and stylish logos. And if all that weren’t enough, he owns a pair of clogs.

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

A long, long time ago, in a different lifetime, I had four tiny kids all age 7 and under. I lived in Germany and was married to my first husband who was in the Air Force. I had violent mood swings but mostly I was trying to be a good Mormon wife and mother and make Jesus happy with me and make everyone else in the world think I was sane. I pretended. A lot.

I met and became friends with a wonderful person who became one of the reasons I didn’t end up ripping all my hairs out one by one and running along the rooftops naked. Well, I probably wouldn’t have raised many eyebrows with that anyway since they do it all the time, but in any case, I often teetered on the edge of reality and it was very nice to have this friend in my life who mistakenly thought I was good friend material. Hey. I wasn’t going to correct her.

We hung out together when our husbands would be gone TDY or when her husband, who was an MP, was working odd shifts. I believe she had tinfoil on the windows of the bedroom so he could sleep during the day. This is something I still think about. Tin foil. She also taught me how to make cheese sauce with no cheese. And this, my friends, is one of the main reasons I loved her and continued to wish we had kept in contact over the years. I woman that makes cheese sauce with no cheese because money is tight but you can’t taste the difference?? Do you hear me?? These kinds of friends are invaluable.

I tried to look her up every so often. I thought I remembered she went to Texas or something and on a late night after David Letterman, with sleep avoiding me, and running low on cheese, I would attempt to find her through top secret channels on the internet that promise to find your long-lost-loved ones just to find out they really wanted $29.99 to complete the deal. If I had the $29.99, I would just buy the cheese. Hello?!

And then a few weeks ago, she emailed me. She found my site because someone that linked to her blog had a link to my blog right underneath. You can read about this life-altering discovery in this post.

I missed you, Les.