Me, in 10 Second. Oh, and Bye.

Big Reunion! Parent’s 50th! 12 Hour Drive! Getting Up at 6am! Hot, Hot, Dry, Dry Utah! Not Really Packed Yet!

See you next week. In the meantime, if you get bored, here’s some of my favorite entries.

Also, because I love MochaMomma, here I am in 10 seconds, since that is really all the time I have. And, if you think it sounds like something I would have written for a bio or book jacket, it’s because I have. (recycle, reuse!)

Leah Peterson is a freelance writer, photographer, artist and crafter. Leah is lactose intolerant, allergic to soymilk, afraid of non-dairy creamers and hoping to find something to add to her coffee besides rice milk, which she finds too sweet.


Leah Peterson is a freelance and sometimes professional writer, photographer, artist and crafter. She is a compulsive starter-upper and now hosts two reading series, a craft-trading site and a blogger network. Leah also believes in sustainability, conserving resources and is herself made from 100% recycled material.

Read about Me in 10 Seconds! here.

Lastly, keep checking the Alpha Mom site for new interviews! There should be a new one every day. Countdown to Blogher ’07!

Whaaas Up?

Guess what tomorrow is? No, forget it. I’ll just tell you. It’s the first ever LA Bloggers Live!

Readers list:

Joe from Artlung

Lynda from One Day at a Time

Deezee from Confessional Highway

Neil from Citizen of the Month

Jenn from Aka Jesais

Abigail from My Life According to Me

Will from Wildbell

Kevin from Kevin Charnas

Peter from The Buddha Diaries

Tim from LA Daddy

Join us tomorrow, Thursday, June 28th at 6:30pm at the Tangier Lounge.($4 cover charge at the door)

In other news, once upon a time, a long, long time ago, Grace and I were talking and she was all ‘You should see if Amy Sedaris would be on your craft panel at Blogher.’ and I was all ‘Oh, ya. Right. Like that would happen.’ and Grace was all ‘No. Seriously. You should because it would be so great.’ and I was all ‘Dude. If I could make that happen I think I might crap my pants.’ and she was all ‘I’m sure you can figure it out. Go forth! Make it happen!’ (Insert pretty illustrations here showing me pounding the pavement.) And so I did. And Amy Sedaris is going to be on my craft panel at Blogher along with Kathy Cano Murillo, Kristin Roach, and the fabulous Natalie Zee Drieu. And then we all lived happily ever after.

2 of 2 New Projects

Remember the 1st one? Well, we already have 16 members, including one that looks like George Clooney, so yes, I think gangbusters applies.

And, here is #2. LA Angst.

Based on Cringe and Salon of Shame, LA Angst wants more than anything to laugh (with you) at your most embarrassing moments. Do you live in the Los Angeles area? Are you coming to visit and want to read? Email me and I’ll sign you up.

LA Angst is a monthly reading series hosted by Leah Peterson in the greater Los Angeles area on the first Thursday of each month. We gather together to read our most embarrassing, humiliating, angst ridden and otherwise absolutely wonderful writing from our youth. Every month, selected readers comb through their middle school and high school writing and pick something that represents how completely impossible it is to grow up without looking back in shame. Join us for some entertaining, therapeutic and hysterical fun!

I’ve noticed that most people feel drawn to either one group or the other. Is it weird that I love both?

The Tables Have Turned

Here’s a little known fun fact – I home schooled my two oldest kids while we lived in Germany and it was one of the best times we all had together. The kids still talk about all the fun projects we did and the stuff they learned.

I don’t get interviewed very often, since I’m usually the interviewer. But I couldn’t refuse Matthew, who’s putting together a book of interviews for a school project. He’s a pretty cool kid with a pretty cool mom, who home schools him. Thanks for interviewing me, Matthew.

A Party??

While I was following the deep labyrinth that is the blogroll from site to site, I found L.A. Daddy. He’s married to L.A. Mommy. And they are having a blogger party on June 2nd. Yay! for parties!

I think I had a whole lot of other stuff to write but I can’t remember any of it at the moment. Joe comes home tonight. Maybe my brain will come home soon, too.

1 of 2 New Projects

I decided to start two new projects. Why? Because I’m me. This one is called LA Bloggers Live! and if you live in the Los Angeles area, you can come and listen to your favorite bloggers reading their own words. I know, right? Awesome. And if you are a blogger in the Los Angeles area or visiting the LA area, you are invited to come and read, also!

Sign up at the website.

Update regarding the 2nd project soon.

(ALSO: Craft trading is happening RIGHT NOW!)

The Flip Side

Dude. Where is the flip side, people? I could use some good news.

First of all, Schmutzie has long been one of my web favorites. When I was scouring the internet looking for people to interview, I found her and then hung on because wow, she’s original and compelling and real and funny. And a little wacky. And super smart. Put all together, you get the inimitable Schmutzie, whom I love with abandon that would probably scare the cat. I don’t want her to have cancer but just so you know, what I want means nothing. If it would help I might even consider becoming Mormon again. That is how much I love her.

Then you have Susan’s mom, Ginny, whom I never met in person but got to know so well through Susan’s Flickr. Susan showed the good, bad, ugly and the beautiful through her images and captions. Sometimes, all you could do was read and cry, which would turn into laughter at some point because Ginny was such a wild card. Taking care of an aging parent who has lost their ability to be a part of their own care-giving is an enormous drain and continuing learning experience for the people around them. But, besides all that, it’s also just what we do for those we love when the Universe presents us with that opportunity. I hope someday Susan writes a book about the experience. I’m sure many people would benefit and would love to read it. I got to meet Susan’s brother and sister and friend last weekend for lunch. It was right after Ginny had died and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The only way to summarize the experience is to quote my son as we walked out of Seaport Village – “I was worried it might be awkward, but mom, they were great. I hope when I get to be their age I’m fun and vibrant even when things about your life are hard.’

I got sick towards the end of Mother’s Day, barely sitting through dinner before beginning the puke-fest, and unfortunately couldn’t make it to Ginny’s Funeral Party on Monday in San Diego. From what I hear, it was really awesome.

That brings us to Suebob. I read her blog but don’t comment often. Pretty much what I do everywhere on the internet. Suebob’s sister had pneumonia and then just kept declining. Every day I’d go and hope to read how she might be getting better and pulling out of it. But that wasn’t what happened. Having a few sisters of my own, I can only imagine how awful it is to lose one, leaving behind children and a husband. I can’t think about it for too long.

And now for JPGMag. I LOVE JPG. Love. Love the idea of it. Love the creators of it. Loved working with them, editing for them, interviewing for them and even submitting photos, none of said photos were ever selected, but it didn’t matter. There was always next time. There was always the thought in the back of my mind that if I just kept shooting, learning, taking the opportunity to find interesting things to photograph, my photo might get selected next time. It wasn’t impossible because look at all the evidence! Other amateurs were getting their photos published every issue. The community was a living breathing thing and it was fun to be a part of it.

As a person that comes up with ideas myself, a cultivator, if you will, I’m always interested to get to know others of my species. The people that think it is a good idea to throw the next few years of their life into something because it makes them happy and probably not much money at first. The people that get excited about doing something right, even if it takes longer. The people that bring the people they know along with them because they like to feel like a family. That surround themselves with other passionate people because it feels good. That care about the end product or experience being solid and quality. That want to involve the community in new, interactive ways and explore how things can grow. These are my people.

All the time I was a part of any part of JPG magazine thus far, I have very much appreciated. I will no longer be submitting any images to JPG. I will no longer be interviewing or submitting stories. Because if it was such an easy thing to erase two of the core founders and their contributions, how can my little contributions have any chance of longevity at all? If I can’t trust that my submissions and contributions will be treated with respect, I don’t want to play anymore. To pretend that the first 6 issues of JPG don’t exist is to say that all the people in the community that participated had no value. What a shame. I kept my account open because I wanted my small voice to be heard there. Heather’s words. Derek’s words.

What I wrote over at the JPG site:

I almost deleted my account last Sunday when I got an email from Derek explaining what had happened. I’m still so shocked that someone’s labor of love can be ripped away from them in this way. Instead of deleting, however, I decided to publicly say how wrong I feel it is. I will no longer be contributing to JPG.

The roots of something should never be forgotten, changed, erased or buried. The end result, which is then basically a lie, will never be as strong, genuine or connected to.

End of story.

For Mother’s Day I got a new Feist CD, some beautiful picture frames, a balloon, a dinner out and a baby boy cockatiel, who currently has no name.

Happy Mother's Day 07

But mostly, I got to spend lots of time with the people that I love and that love me. At one point, after dinner on the drive home, I realized I wasn’t really feeling any of it. I wasn’t feeling. I could have cried if I’d only had the feelings to do so. Instead, I just looked out the window at the lights.

Update: And now Eden’s dad?? Are you kidding me, Universe? XO, Eden. Lots of them.

And She Bid You Adieu for a Short Time

I think my son may be too old for the Tooth Fairy when he walks up to me, shoves the tooth in my hand and demands a dollar. Methinks the shine has worn off the ritual a bit. And shouldn’t he be giving me a dollar? I paid for his dentist bills for that sucker.

I just took off a complete set of fake nails this evening. The beautiful white and long talons that once were are no more. Now, I have only the small stubs God gave me along with the chunky residue left behind from glue.

Digital Pixie rocks. She is doing some construction on and things are only going to get better.

I’ll be gone for a few days. My parents have gone and done stayed together for 49 years, which means next year will be their 50th wedding anniversary. Sounds kind of like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? I’m meeting my brother, who now lives in Missouri, at my parent’s home to do some filming, photo taking, scanning and printing in anticipation of the best darn video ever shown at any 50th celebration anywhere ever.

See you next Thursday. Miss me.

Badges. Get Your Badges. (and HuffPost)

Get your badges here. It includes instructions if you need them. If anyone feels adventurous and creative and wants to make some more badges, please do and send them to me. I’ll post them and make them available along with a link to your site if you want.

The Huffington Post is looking for submissions. If you have a story related to overcoming fear, they would love to get it for a new section of their website that is launching very soon. Email Romi for more specifics.

Blogger Network

UPDATE: 8/4 1:00am: Joe has been cleaning up some code and doing general awesome things all over the place. I’ve gone through the database and tried to add and correct cities to those of you that had them pending since we had to break a few things to fix a few things. Ain’t that always the way? But if you used a different email to request the city than the one you used to sign up, I can’t match you and you’ll need to log in and do it yourself. Photography and Personal are both added as a focus. We rearranged the city/states. The search feature hasn’t been added yet but at least you can read through the cities now without wanting to rip your eyes out. Seriously, thanks for all your great feedback.

UPDATE: 8/3 1:10pm: I’ve had a few suggestions for putting the city name next to the person’s name or url. For example, when you are on the main BloggerNetwork page and are viewing the entire list of the last updated sites, you would be able to tell who belonged to which city before you clicked on their url. From a design perspective, I’m not sure how that looks. If any of you that are thinking along those lines wants to come up with a design to work it in, let me know. I’m happy to see any and all idea. This is turning into quite a community effort and I THANK YOU for you feedback and help. And, yes, I’ll be changing the way the cities looks and having them listed by state option and also alphabetical order option. But probably not today.


UPDATE: 8/3 11:30am: Some of the cities are not showing up in connection to your urls. Troubleshooting now. You should not have to add your cities again or anything. But if you click on your city on the right and your url doesn’t show, just know I’m working on it. Thanks!


UPDATE: 8/3 10:15am: (i know, right?) Don’t forget to log back into your account and add your city to your url once I get it listed.


UPDATE: 8/3 10am: WOW! You guys totally rock! The list of cities is getting longer and longer. At some point, I might need to have only states listed on the right with a city dropdown. But we’ll be adding a search as well, and that might help you to find your city fastest. For those of you asking, ‘Hey! Where is said BloggerNetwork badge to put on my site?’ To you I say ‘Soon.’ And thank you for asking. But you can put a text link on your site now, if you want. KristyK suggested we add an icon for Photography and Suebob suggested a Personal category. Both great ideas and will be implemented soon. Thanks, everyone!


UPDATE: 8/2 midnight: The issue is fixed. Please, resume the adding of your blogs and let me know if you find any other errors. Your info is now safe. If you signed up earlier tonight, please login to and update with a new password. Thanks!


UPDATE 8/2 7pm: Schmutzie wins as the person to find the first bug. Thanks, Schmutzie! We’ll be back in a few hours when it gets fixed. Something about your personal information being important and all that crap…..


I hate going on a trip to a new city and not knowing whom of my blogger friends lives there. What if I went all the way there and then all the way home and THEN found out that so-and-so lived there and we could have hooked up for drinks?

I had an idea for a simple and easy to use blog listing by city. Sure, at some point it could be shaped into something with groups, networking, an ad service and whatever else was wanted but the main thing I want it for – is for me. And you, if you want.

So, add your blog. Right now, my son and myself are the only ones there and we are a little lonely. Send suggestions for improvement. Tell me you want to work on the design. (Please! The design!) Tell me anything that comes to mind. Add your city! The San Diego listing will have a ton of names in it in a few weeks because we are going to migrate all the content from here to there. But, if you are already on SDB, go ahead and sign up anyway. It will save me work, and that is totally cool. You can pick more than one city if you so desire. That is mostly for me as well, since I want to claim Los Angeles and San Diego and figured other people might be like me. (what? no?) You can also put in little, tiny (so cute!) icons by selecting up to three areas of focus and also, rss, atom and anything else you can think of to make yourself appear as geeky as possible. Again, mostly for me so I know what you’re talking about and if we can be friends. Also, if you are an anonymous blogger or prefer to use only your first name, totally fine. Just make sure your online published name is not your real, secret name. Capiche?

The whole point is so that I can come to your city and have a drink with you. What’s not to like?

PS. if you find kinks or bugs, please let me know.