The Together Painting


When I was in Seattle visiting my sister Rhoda, I finally took a photo of a painting that I had left unfinished at her home, which she had worked on and finished after I left. Which is fitting, because the painting was about new growth and finishing things. If she had not finished it, it would have been a most ironic painting.

I started it before I was integrated and then I left her home in such a hurry that I didn’t have time to finish it. I couldn’t wait to get back to Southern California and my kids. Rhoda always joked about being my 8th personality. And in a way, she was right. I had seven in my head but we have always been so close and I would never have survived my life if it weren’t for her. I can never thank her enough. She always tells me how strong I am but she was the one that was strong enough for both of us for years and years.

I think she did a lovely job finishing the painting. And she proclaims to have so little creativity…..

Dear Lil_Monster2790

I would have written you an email and I tried to leave a comment but I don’t have a Xanga site and don’t want one. I wasn’t sure how else to get a hold of you.


I don’t mind when people show my work on their sites. I sometimes have schools that use some of my pieces for a class and the students all write me for permission to use my work and of course I let them. But they all give me credit by using my name and by posting the work directly to their sites or printing it instead of pulling directly from my bandwidth, which I believe everyone knows is not staying under it’s allotment.

So, until you post the images to your Xanga site and put the credit on there, I’ve changed the image to this one.

At first, I thought you were taking credit for the work yourself but after a closer read, I’m not quite sure, so I changed the little message on the image from this:

Best of luck with everything.

Where In Elise Learns to Never, Ever Piss Off Her Inner Voice

This has happened to me. Screw new knowledge and encountering mind expansion. Sometimes there is something to be said with just going along with what works already and not messing up the status quo. I once ‘learned’ a new technique that kept me completely immobile for the better part of a year for fear of screwing up ‘the simple and correct way to see with the inner eye.’ It took me that long to realize that I was already doing what worked for me. Then I did this painting and I felt so much better. (Shown hanging at Mixture in San Diego.)

Uninformed, immature, from the gut and purely emotional art rocks. And Elise, I love you work.