Sunday, May 8th

Happy Mother’s Day.
PS 6/10 Lower back, arms ACHING bad, headache. Feel sluggish but mood is still good.

8am 2 boiled eggs, coffeechicorymilk

Breakfast with M&M.

10am Meet M & M for breakfast at Mission Cafe. It’s Mother’s Day so Wheee I’ll have whatever I want.
Blueberry pancakes, egg, potatoes, coffeemilk

We decide to go to see Win Win but see Kill the Irishman instead. Gory. Great acting, what I saw of it through my fingers.

At the movies. I have a palmful of raw cashews during the film.

We head to M&Ms for mellow hangout time.

Beer, watermelon, dates


6pm whole wheat noodles, mozz cheese, basil, pine nuts YUMO

8pm half bean burrito, corn chips, pico de gallo, guinness
PS 6/10

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