Tag. You're It.

Joe passed the music baton to me.

Total size of music files on my computer: 820 files 3.1 GB, but it’s my work one. I know my home pc has about 5 times that.

The last CD I bought was: I can’t count the Eric Lindell, Tragic Magic that Joe and I bought since he already listed it. So I’ll go back one to Imogene Heap, I Megaphone from Amazon (which still hasn’t arrived, incidentally…)

Song playing right now: Raphael Saadig: Still Ray

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

Bjork: Army of Me
Fiona Apple: Not about Love, Better Version of Me
Frou Frou: Let Go, Breathe In
Gwen Stefani: Cool, Rich Girl
Buena Vista Social Club: B.V.S.C.
But I can’t leave out Iron & Wine, Keane, Zero 7, The Shins, and yes, I like the Robert Downey, Jr. album.

And now, I’m tagging
Heather, who won’t get around to reading this for days because of her mini-sized human with poor social skills.
Elise who may or may not read this site at all.
Charles, owner of the raddest hair ever.
And Chuck who’s Pongo might need him to go for a walk instead of write about music……

Yes. I have high expectations.

6 Replies to “Tag. You're It.”

  1. I am so far away from mainstream music right now that it’s shocking. I barely know what you are talking about. Here is what I’m listening to right now:

    It had me weeping in the car Saturday. I was singing at the top of my lungs with my head back and my mouth wide, and it was as if the mother had poured all the love of the universe into me to fill me with pleasure and love.

    My last concert (May 11).

    My upcoming concerts (June 7-10).

  2. Hi Leah! I love the new blog…now that I know it’s here I’ll be back often. I’m also going to change the link on my site to point here if that’s ok.

  3. Chuck – i didn’t know joe and i both tagged you. sorry about that. it might be good if i read his blog a bit more thoroughly…..(ahem) but it was nice to read what you’re listening to.

    Mike – wow. i think i better go have a listen if it’s that awes.

    Elise – nice to hear from you. : )

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